Gilbertson to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance”

Nicole Gilbertson, daughter of Tom and Julie Gilbertson, will travel to Chicago Wednesday to audition for the Fox TV show "So You Think You Can Dance." Gilbertson trains and dances locally with Gaspers School of Dance and Performing Arts, Inspire Dance Studio and Trollwood Performing Arts School. While in Chicago, Gilbertson will also tour the Columbia School of the Arts, where she was recently accepted to attend.

NDSCS students excel at DECA conference

Sixteen business administration and management students from the North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton, competed in events at the North Dakota Delta Epsilon Chi (DECA) State Conference in February. The NDSCS team earned two firsts, two seconds, one third and one fifth-place honor at the event.

First place, Financial Statement Analysis (team event) – Jim Ulsaker, Mooreton, N.D., and Sabrina Stillwell, Breckenridge, Minn. Ulsaker also won fifth place in financial services.

Jim Ulsaker

Sabrina Stillwell

First Place, Retail Marketing and Management, and Second Place, Human Resource Management – Ryan Perrion, Ipswich, S.D. Perrion was also elected to serve as the 2010-2011 state vice president.

Ryan Perrion

Second Place Design – Andrew Gjelsness, Reynolds, N.D.

Andrew Gjelsness

Third Place International Marketing (team event) – Amanda Krueger, Brandon, Minn., and Joe Hasse, Nashua, Minn.

Amanda Krueger

Joe Haase

These students are now eligible to compete at College DECA’s International Career Development Conference April 17-20 in Louisville, Ky.

Concordia College releases fall semester dean’s list

Listed below are the name of students named to the fall semester dean’s list at Concordia College arranged by state, hometown, student name, and parents’ names:

Wedowee, Ala. – Lyndsi Tufte, Peter and Judi Tufte
Peoria, Ariz. – Kristen Matheson, Mark and Mary Matheson
Simi Valley, Calif. – Heather Croissant, Steve and Lisa Croissant
Golden, Colo. – Erica McIsaac, Hugh and Nancy McIsaac
Pueblo West, Colo. – Andrew Manlove, Michael and Laurie Daugherty
Kapolei, Hawaii – Ashley Huffman, George Huffman, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Bernadette Toi Wong
Joliet, Ill. – Ashley Dedin, Steven Dedin, Bolingbrook, Ill., and Angela Dedin
Crown Point, Ind. – Amanda Hruska, Debra Hruska
Noblesville, Ind. – Alexander Corbett, Michael and Joni Corbett
Floyd, Iowa – Brandon Rogeness, Teresa Graham
Marion, Kan. – Michael Brookens, J Robert and Anita Brookens
Novi, Mich. – Amy Glubzinski, Robert and Ann Glubzinski
Ada, Minn. – Corin Gunderson, Kelly and Sandy Gunderson
Ada, Minn. – Brigitte Pinsonneault, Richard and Joanne Pinsonneault
Alexandria, Minn. – Kyle Fiebelkorn, Michael and Linda Fiebelkorn
Alexandria, Minn. – Kathryn Fischer, Erin Frederiksen
Alexandria, Minn. – Kristin Jerve, Bruce and Marlys Jerve
Alexandria, Minn. – Megan Lusty, Robert and Rochelle Lusty
Alexandria, Minn. – Jonathan Rothman, Kenneth and Kathryn Rothman
Alexandria, Minn. – Devon Rudolph, Dean Rudolph, Alexandria, Minn., and Holly Rudolph
Alexandria, Minn. – Paige Scarborough, Michael and Susan Scarborough
Alexandria, Minn. – Samantha Schofield, Terry and Lynn Hausmann
Alexandria, Minn. – Katie Stinson, David Stinson, Plattsburgh, N.Y., and Denise Stinson
Alexandria, Minn. – Erika Toso, Sandra Toso
Andover, Minn. – Sarah Klenk, Robert Klenk, Andover, Minn., and Charlotte Hanson
Annandale, Minn. – Theresa Schaefers, John and Catherine Schaefers
Anoka, Minn. – Casey DeRoo, Donovan and Judy DeRoo
Anoka, Minn. – Jenna Larson, Jill Larson, Minneapolis, and Jay Larson
Anoka, Minn. – Raquel Martin, Kenneth and Debra Martin
Atwater, Minn. – Ariel Sacher, Rachel Marschner
Austin, Minn. – Brittany Soiney, Kevin and Nancy Soiney
Avon, Minn. – Joshua Wolford, Douglas and Debra Wolford
Barnesville, Minn. – Karin Brown, David and Linda Brown
Battle Lake, Minn. – Laura Jorud, Daryl and Renee Jorud
Battle Lake, Minn. – Amanda Sullivan, Tom and Barbara Sullivan
Baudette, Minn. – Jordan Marken, James and Terri Marken
Baudette, Minn. – Jordan Marken, James and Terri Marken
Baxter, Minn. – Christopher Comstock, Lowell and Joanne Comstock
Baxter, Minn. – Katherine Johnson, Jeff and Kimberly Johnson
Baxter, Minn. – Shannon McGuire, Kelsie McGuire
Baxter, Minn. – Sara Parsons, Scott and Mary Parsons
Baxter, Minn. – Kate Stevenson, Julie Henry, Baxter, Minn., and Chet Stevenson
Baxter, Minn. – Jacob Stunek, Keith and Cindy Stunek
Baxter, Minn. – Briana Tower, James and Carol Tower
Beardsley, Minn. – Kearina Maher, Thomas and Lori Maher
Becker, Minn. – Kacie Floe, Kraig and Karen Kutz
Bemidji, Minn. – Katherine Peske, Mark and Sharon Peske
Bemidji, Minn. – Kaia Sele, Douglas and Carol Sele
Benson, Minn. – Emily Jensen, Sam and Brenda Jensen
Benson, Minn. – Julie Martin, David and Lori Martin
Benson, Minn. – Laura Mikkelson, Randall and Michelle Mikkelson
Bertha, Minn. – Adam Voge, Kim Voge, Staples, Minn., and Kirk Voge
Big Lake, Minn. – Mamie Vetsch, Roland and Jill Vetsch
Blaine, Minn. – Whitney Hendrickson, Gary and Sharon Hendrickson
Bloomington, Minn. – Alison Harms, Greg and Mary Harms
Bloomington, Minn. – Mark Johnson, Lowell and Nancy Johnson
Bloomington, Minn. – Erik Krohg, Paul and Annette Krohg
Braham, Minn. – Molly Turnquist, Terry and Rebecca Turnquist
Braham, Minn. – Molly Turnquist, Terry and Rebecca Turnquist
Brainerd, Minn. – Elisabeth Jacobsen, Paul and Sally Jacobsen
Brainerd, Minn. – Tyler Koep, Dawn Koep, Brainerd, Minn., and David Koep
Brainerd, Minn. – Brooke Lange, Steven and Lisa Lange
Brainerd, Minn. – Whitney Shepherd, Keith and Lynn Shepherd
Brandon, Minn. – Siri Preston, Dennis Preston and Leila Mikkelson Preston
Breckenridge, Minn. – Noelle Hiedeman, Kevin and Ann Hiedeman
Breckenridge, Minn. – Kristina Loken, Kent and Annette Loken
Breckenridge, Minn. – Jonathan Mergens, Paul and Teresa Mergens
Brooten, Minn. – Zachary Weller, James and Jackie Weller
Buffalo, Minn. – Rachel Claseman, Bryan and Barb Claseman
Buffalo, Minn. – Jason Hohl, Darsey and Cindy Hohl
Buffalo, Minn. – Darrin Olmscheid, David and Susan Olmscheid
Burnsville, Minn. – Katherine Helmin, Gary and Jody Helmin
Burnsville, Minn. – Briana Rausch, Steven and Angelique Rausch
Cambridge, Minn. – John Anderson, Dale and Nancy Anderson
Cambridge, Minn. – John Anderson, Dale and Nancy Anderson
Cambridge, Minn. – Kirsten Anderson, Dale and Nancy Anderson
Cambridge, Minn. – Page Osborne, Rick and Joyce Osborne
Cannon Falls, Minn. – Adam Gilbertson, Doug and Tamra Gilbertson
Champlin, Minn. – Jessica Hoffman, Todd Hoffman, St. Michael, Minn., and Nancy Brown
Chaska, Minn. – Megan Ireland, Michael and Una Ireland
Chaska, Minn. – Britney Johnson, Brian Johnson, Hallock, Minn., and Marilyn Johnson
Chokio, Minn. – Kayla Vogt, David and Diane Vogt
Circle Pines, Minn. – Emma Ranum, Michael and Mary Ranum
Circle Pines, Minn. – Ruth Ranum, Michael and Mary Ranum
Clara City, Minn. – Holly Ammermann, Marlin and Dianne Ammermann
Cohasset, Minn. – Kasey Petersen, Bradley and Mona Petersen
Cohasset, Minn. – Kelsey Petersen, Jeri Johnson, Harley, Iowa, and Bradley Petersen
Cohasset, Minn. – Sarah Sorensen, Scott and Julie Sorensen
Cold Spring, Minn. – Melissa Hansen, Ken and Deb Hansen
Coon Rapids, Minn. – Anna Fobaire, Philip and Dea Sagan
Cottage Grove, Minn. – Laura Ayers, Rick and Ellen Ayers
Cottage Grove, Minn. – Alyssa Black, Vern and Marilyn Black
Crookston, Minn. – Maria Argueta, Maria Argueta
Crookston, Minn. – Kirby Johnson, David and Joy Johnson
Crookston, Minn. – Emily Kanten, Erik and Judie Kanten
Crookston, Minn. – Brittany Persson, Timothy and Kimberly Persson
Crookston, Minn. – Erin Steer, John and Candace Steer
Crosby, Minn. – Jordan Stich, Tim McEnroe, Waterloo, Iowa, and Reina Stich
Dalton, Minn. – Stacey Sellner, Keith and Linda Sellner
Dassel, Minn. – Stacy Isaacson, Bruce and Connie Isaacson
Dassel, Minn. – Leah Kay, Craig and Barb Kay
Deerwood, Minn. – Michelle Reed, Dwight and Roseanne Reed
Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Kayla Cox, Terence and Denise Cox
Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Kelsey Dutton, H Wade and Holly Dutton
Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Kayla Goetz, Don and Joyce Goetz
Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Thressa Johnson, Jay Johnson and Anne McKay
Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Hannah Vogt, David and Kirsten Vogt
Dilworth, Minn. – Matthew Green, Bryan and Ellen Green
Dilworth, Minn. – Hiliary Randash, David and Rendy Randash
Duluth, Minn. – Shelby Cochran, Brent Cochran, Glenwood, Minn., and Patricia Dorn
Duluth, Minn. – Emily Meyer, Ronald and Barbara Meyer
Duluth, Minn. – Emily Moeller, Duane and Barbara Moeller
Eagan, Minn. – Cynthia Moss, Peggy Moss
Eagan, Minn. – Melissa Nesler, Jeffrey and Kathy Nesler
Eagan, Minn. – Christopher Todd, John and Patricia Todd
Eagle Lake, Minn. – Solveig Beckel, Raymond and Jolene Beckel
East Grand Forks, Minn. – Anna Hagen, Roger and Roxanne Hagen
East Grand Forks, Minn. – Brandon Nichols, Ronald and Loretta Nichols
Eden Prairie, Minn. – Elizabeth Donovan, Kenneth and Susan Donovan
Eden Prairie, Minn. – Stephen Kemp, Gregory and Shari Kemp
Edgerton, Minn. – Ingrid Jasper, Eugene and Katherine Jasper
Edina, Minn. – Sarah Jesperson, John and Martina Jesperson
Edina, Minn. – Matthew Ouren, Bob and Karen Ouren
Evansville, Minn. – Rachel Anderson, Bradley and Deborah Anderson
Fairmont, Minn. – Stephanie Brolsma, Gregory and Pamela Brolsma
Farmington, Minn. – Britta Peterson, Lowell and Kate Peterson
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Joseph Dinsmore, John Dinsmore, Fergus Falls, Minn., and Dawn Koennicke
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Shawn Goos, Larry and Michelle Goos
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Kelsey Knudson, Cary and Kari Knudson
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Jed LaPlante, William and Bonnie LaPlante
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Allan Rau, Steve and Joan Rau
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Jordan Ringquist, Mark and Connie Ringquist
Fergus Falls, Minn. – Elizabeth Schulz, Larry and Mary Jo Schulz
Fertile, Minn. – Alyssa Gullekson, Michelle Gullekson
Foreston, Minn. – Calvin Miller, Terrence and Jane Miller
Fort Ripley, Minn. – Alyssa Huck, Michaeland Pamela Huck
Frazee, Minn. – Dustin Dertinger, Wayne and Jan Dertinger
Frazee, Minn. – Kari Ogard, Greg and Sharyl Ogard
Frazee, Minn. – Tara Sailer, Ray and Karn Sailer
Fulda, Minn. – Brittany Baerenwald, Dan Baerenwald, Fulda, Minn., and Pat Arnt
Gary, Minn. – Jennifer Hanson, Eugene and Peggy Hanson
Glencoe, Minn. – Laura Senst, Robert Senst, Glencoe, Minn., and Linda Senst
Glenwood, Minn. – Britta Johnson, Mark and Mary Johnson
Glenwood, Minn. – Brandi Mithun, Randy and Denise Mithun
Glyndon, Minn. – Alicia Adams, John and Lanette Adams
Glyndon, Minn. – Sarah Driscoll, Mike and Tari Driscoll
Glyndon, Minn. – Holly Hanson, Keith and Kathy Hanson
Golden Valley, Minn. – Molly Ostroot, John Ostroot and Katherine Heller-Ostroot
Golden Valley, Minn. – Christina Post, John and Nancy Post
Goodhue, Minn. – Ross Dankers, Wayne and Merry Dankers
Grand Marais, Minn. – Ellen Sobieck, Harvey and Bridget Sobieck
Grand Rapids, Minn. – Tyler Bengtson, Brian and Cindy Bengtson
Grand Rapids, Minn. – Gregory Clark, David and Debra Clark
Grand Rapids, Minn. – Jacob Fauchald, Jeffrey and Joni Fauchald
Grand Rapids, Minn. – Brent Perreault, Craig and Brenda Perreault
Grove City, Minn. – Natalie Barnes, Richard and Loriee Barnes
Hallock, Minn. – Molly Gustafson, Thomas and Patti Gustafson
Halstad, Minn. – Krystal Maroney, Tom and Kathy Maroney
Halstad, Minn. – Krystal Maroney, Tom and Kathy Maroney
Ham Lake, Minn. – Joshua Hintz, William and Jane Hintz
Ham Lake, Minn. – Chelsea Volna, Thomas and Stacey Jo Volna
Hanska, Minn. – Steven Jaskowiak, Robert Jaskowiak, Owatonna, Minn., and Lynda Bauer
Hastings, Minn. – Alyssa Deutschmann, Edward and Gloria Deutschmann
Hawley, Minn. – Grant Aakre, Steven and Mary Aakre
Hawley, Minn. – Brittany Berg, Kevin and Christine Berg
Henderson, Minn. – Alecia Meuleners, Ronald and Renee Meuleners
Hermantown, Minn. – Anne Walters, James and Mary Walters
Hibbing, Minn. – Amber Ferris, Joseph and Mary Ferris
Hibbing, Minn. – Annamaria Matetich, John and Christine Matetich
Hinckley, Minn. – Lisa Lymburner, Tom and LeAnn Lymburner
Hoffman, Minn. – Katie Anderson, Paul and Carol Anderson
Hopkins, Minn. – Hannah Tower, Chris and Elizabeth Tower
Hutchinson, Minn. – Jarryd Campbell, Kevin and Shellie Campbell
Hutchinson, Minn. – Steven Freund, Randy and Stephanie Freund
Hutchinson, Minn. – Kaitlyn Garvin, James and Debra Garvin
Hutchinson, Minn. – Jared Hoeft, Carl and Judy Hoeft
Hutchinson, Minn. – Torey Prahl, Stan and Dorothy Prahl
Hutchinson, Minn. – Nathan Rodeberg, John and Nancy Rodeberg
Hutchinson, Minn. – Samantha Trick, Bruce and Julie Trick
Hutchinson, Minn. – Brittany Witte, Gregoryand Nancy Witte
Inver Grove Hts, Minn. – Jamie Levine, Douglas and Jean Levine
Isanti, Minn. – Kelsey Bartz, John and Karen Bartz
Isanti, Minn. – Michael Scheidt, John and Kathy Scheidt
Isanti, Minn. – Katie Schunk, Corinne Schunk
Jackson, Minn. – Garrett Geesman, Gene and Marcia Geesman
Johnson, Minn. – Rebecca Zimmerman, Keith and June Zimmerman
Kelliher, Minn. – Jordan Lutz, Tim and Karyn Lutz
Lake Lillian, Minn. – Kelsey Remmel, Gale and Marlene Remmel
Lakeville, Minn. – Kayla Holverson, Thomas and Darlene Holverson
Lakeville, Minn. – Nicole Rutt, Lisa Ruth
Lanesboro, Minn. – Meredith Ruen, David Ruen, Lanesboro, Minn., and Cindy Zepeda
Le Sueur, Minn. – Erin Maetzold, Keith and Marge Maetzold
Lindstrom, Minn. – Ashley Wilke, Steven White, Vadnais Heights, Minn., and Virginia White
Lino Lakes, Minn. – Lianne Dahl, Robert and Laurinda Dahl
Lino Lakes, Minn. – Jeanette Perrault, David and Carol Perrault
Litchfield, Minn. – Laura Hulterstrum, Mark and Judy Hulterstrum
Litchfield, Minn. – Kent Johnson, Dale and Jan Johnson
Litchfield, Minn. – Peter Zender, Gregg and Jackie Zener
Little Canada, Minn. – Erin Hencley, Robert Hencley and Cynthia Runa-Hencley
Little Falls, Minn. – Lisa Bertrand, Gerald and Lori Bertrand
Little Falls, Minn. – Ashley Koester, Brian and Kathy Koester
Little Falls, Minn. – Brittany Schneider, John and Renee Schneider
Little Falls, Minn. – Stephanie Virnig, David and Janet Virnig
Little Falls, Minn. – Nicole Witucki, Winnie Marty, Little Falls, Minn., and David Szczodroski
Long Prairie, Minn. – Toni Cadwallader, Tim and Terri Cadwallader
Long Prairie, Minn. – Melissa Rasmussen, Charles and Deborah Rasmussen
Long Prairie, Minn. – Bethany Weinzierl, Paul and Jean Weinzierl
Longville, Minn. – Emily Gilsrud, Gregory and Dawn Gilsrud
Luverne, Minn. – Nathan Boler, Glen and Connie Boler
Madison, Minn. – Matthew Enger, Wayne and Amy Enger
Madison, Minn. – Ryan Sigdahl, Ronald and Cindy Sigdahl
Mahnomen, Minn. – Patricia Bisek, Ray Bisek
Mahtomedi, Minn. – Kaitlynn Quimby, Micheal and Colleen Quimby
Maple Grove, Minn. – Nicole Stulac, Rick Stulaca and Joni Goodmanson-Stulac
Maple Lake, Minn. – Faith Fretham, David and Darlene Fretham
Maplewood, Minn. – Alexandra Loveland, Joseph and Jodi Loveland
Melrose, Minn. – Nathan Ellering, Chris and Terri Ellering
Menahga, Minn. – Rachael Bruer, Steven and Jane Bruer
Menahga, Minn. – Scott Madsen, Brian and Debra Madsen
Merrifield, Minn. – Kylie Abrahamson, Paul and Belinda Abrahamson
Milaca, Minn. – Justin Bertram, Jeff Bertram and Kelli Gotvald
Milaca, Minn. – Taryn Brown, Waldon and Elaine Brown
Miltona, Minn. – Nick Alton, Richard and Sandra Alton
Miltona, Minn. – Anna Gesell, Eric and Vicki Gesell
Minneota, Minn. – Aaron Haroldson, Lyle and Julie Haroldson
Montevideo, Minn. – Kara Nelson, Janice Nelson
Montevideo, Minn. – Aimee Smith, Lawrence and Barbara Smith
Montevideo, Minn. – Jameson Varpness, Lee and Susan Varpness
Monticello, Minn. – Melissa Lindquist, David and Julie Lindquist
Monticello, Minn. – Eleanor Michaelis, Ronald and Cynthia Michaelis
Monticello, Minn. – Ashley Stoffer, Steve and Deb Stoffer
Moorhead, Minn. – Jessica Biller, Gregory and Amy Biller
Moorhead, Minn. – Abigail Boggs, David Boggs and Patricia Bastion
Moorhead, Minn. – Alexandra Bondy, Mark and Cindi Bondy
Moorhead, Minn. – Anne Boyd, Steve and Mary Boyd
Moorhead, Minn. – Adam Fitzgerald, Michael and Heidi Fitzgerald
Moorhead, Minn. – Kristin Fry, Debra Schell, Fargo, N.D., and Todd Fry
Moorhead, Minn. – Andrew Geis, Bradley and Renee Reents
Moorhead, Minn. – Dilvin Habib, Nanida Ahmad
Moorhead, Minn. – Brad Hagen, ElRoy and Kristi Hagen
Moorhead, Minn. – Elisabeth Hanson, Bruce and MaggieHanson
Moorhead, Minn. – Stephen Hanson, Patricia Hanson
Moorhead, Minn. – Alison Harmelink, Greg and Carol Harmelink
Moorhead, Minn. – Rachel Hurner, Brad and Bonnie Hurner
Moorhead, Minn. – Kristen Huselid, Larry Huselid, Clinton, Minn., and Jean Huselid
Moorhead, Minn. – Casey Johnson, Paul and Terri Johnson
Moorhead, Minn. – Benjamin Jystad-Spar, William and Michele Spar
Moorhead, Minn. – Zach Kappes, Glen and Kim Kappes
Moorhead, Minn. – Kelsey Keimig, Dan and Theresa Keimig
Moorhead, Minn. – Sarah Kenz, William and Sanrda Kenz
Moorhead, Minn. – Kari Krieger, Paul and Jill Krieger
Moorhead, Minn. – Kendra Larson, Bob and Joslyn Larson
Moorhead, Minn. – Paul Lillehaugen, Mark and Carolyn Lillehaugen
Moorhead, Minn. – Bridget Medbery, Everett and Kecia Medbery
Moorhead, Minn. – Lisa Moats, Robert and Laurie Moats
Moorhead, Minn. – Megan Motschenbacher, Randy and Carol Motschenbacher
Moorhead, Minn. – Sarah Peterson, Scott and Constance Peterson
Moorhead, Minn. – Logan Schmaltz, Tim and Denise Young
Moorhead, Minn. – Marly Simmons, Martin and Julie Simmons
Moorhead, Minn. – Kristin Slette, Michael and Kim Slette
Moorhead, Minn. – Emily Swedberg, Scott Swedberg, Moorhead, Minn., and Dawn Swedberg
Moorhead, Minn. – Aaron Templin, Dave and Rose Templin
Moorhead, Minn. – Mary Zeh, Keith and Cheryl Zeh
Morris, Minn. – Kelsey Raasch, Tim and Deb Raasch
Motley, Minn. – Alexander Holsman, Sid Holsman, Ingleside, Ill., and Tracie Borders
Murdock, Minn. – Britta Suter, A John and Lynn Suter
Murdock, Minn. – Britta Suter, A John and Lynn Suter
Nevis, Minn. – Allison Lempola, Gregory and Ann Lempola
New Brighton, Minn. – Lee Shults, Fount and Elizabeth Shults
New Hope, Minn. – Nathaniel Eaton, Joel and Denise Eaton
New Prague, Minn. – Mary Gebhardt, Russell and Judy Gebhardt
New Richland, Minn. – Megan Groskreutz, Dale and Lynn Groskreutz
New Ulm, Minn. – Melissa Lynn, David and Jacqueline Lynn
New Ulm, Minn. – Martha Pearson, James and Vicki Pearson
New Ulm, Minn. – Kaia Sievert, Craig and Laura Sievert
New York Mills, Minn. – Danielle Hendrickx, Alan and Linda Hendrickx
Northfield, Minn. – Adam Mousel, Alan and Jody Mousel
Oak Park Heights, Minn. – Katie Germscheid, Steve and Shari Germsheid
Osage, Minn. – Laura Luckason, Larry and Sharon Luckason
Osakis, Minn. – Kari Ludwig, Thomas and Arlene Ludwig
Owatonna, Minn. – Lauren Bostrom, David and Pam Bostrom
Park Rapids, Minn. – Grant Dierkhising, Paul and LouAnn Dierkhising
Park Rapids, Minn. – Amy Luther, Brian and Debbie Luther
Park Rapids, Minn. – Kaitlyn Nelson, Kenneth and Mary Nelson
Park Rapids, Minn. – Nicole Thompson, Perry and Janet Thompson
Parkers Prairie, Minn. – David Bowman, Kenneth and JoAnn Bowman
Pelican Rapids, Minn. – Adam Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Phoenix, Ariz., and Micheal Johnson
Pequot Lakes, Minn. – Braden Carkhuff, Jeff and Rhonda Carkhuff
Pequot Lakes, Minn. – Phillip Granley, Nancy Granley, Brainerd, Minn., and Dale Granley
Pequot Lakes, Minn. – Kjerstin Olson, Kevin and Joyce Olson
Pequot Lakes, Minn. – Laura Wittwer, Kevin and Gretchen Wittwer
Perham, Minn. – Madelyn Covington, James Piecora, Bellerose, N.Y., and Judy Covington
Pierz, Minn. – Danielle Poster, Kevin and Karen Poster
Pine City, Minn. – Rachel Pulju, Daniel and Brenda Pulju
Pine River, Minn. – Stephen Gertken, Lloyd and Genevieve Gertken
Pipestone, Minn. – Kalli Hess, Duane and Janelle Hess
Plymouth, Minn. – Kristin Langerud, Alan and Mary Langerud
Plymouth, Minn. – Rachel Pedersen, Mark and Susan Pedersen
Plymouth, Minn. – Kristiana Sather, Jay and Sandra Sather
Plymouth, Minn. – Jacob Torrison, Jeffrey and Deann Torrison
Preston, Minn. – Stephanie Szuch, John and Joanne Szuch
Randall, Minn. – Joshua John, Douglas and Janice John
Randall, Minn. – Megan John, Douglas and Janice John
Raymond, Minn. – Ashley Beseman, Timothy and Kathi Beseman
Richfield, Minn. – Megan Slinger, David and Nancy Slinger
Rochester, Minn. – Kelsey Haugen, Thomas and Teresa Haugen
Rochester, Minn. – Dana Sloneker, Linda Kane
Roseau, Minn. – Amanda Halverson, Karen Halverson
Roseau, Minn. – Kristen Johnson, Luther and Carrie Johnson
Roseau, Minn. – Heather Zinda, Todd and Valarie Zinda
Rosemount, Minn. – Gabrielle Petrich, Dennis Petrich and Lori Niedfelt-Petrich
Roseville, Minn. – Kjerstin Sanden, William and Janice Sanden
Rothsay, Minn. – Hailey Brenden, Lynn Brenden
Rothsay, Minn. – Allison Melkert, Danny and Cheryl Melkert
Sabin, Minn. – Dana Rognlie, Larry and Marianne Rognlie
Sandstone, Minn. – Mark Del, Donald and Bonnie Del Greco
Sartell, Minn. – Ryan Bloom, Geoffrey Bloom and Karla Myhra-Bloom
Sartell, Minn. – Hope Gust, Lawrence and Heather Gust
Sartell, Minn. – Kayla Trobec, William and Nancy Trobec
Sauk Centre, Minn. – Jill Gruber, Robert and Mary Gruber
Sauk Centre, Minn. – Amy Hintzen, Paul and Shawn Hintzen
Sauk Centre, Minn. – Isaac Uphus, Joseph and Kathryn Uphus
Savage, Minn. – Brienne Roullier, Mark and Deeann Roullier
Savage, Minn. – Brienne Roullier, Mark and Deeann Roullier
Scandia, Minn. – Kalli Swedin, Scott and Kari Swedin
Shakopee, Minn. – Kelly Pflaum, Jeffrey and Mary Jo Pflaum
Spicer, Minn. – Justin Hanson, Curtis and Linda Hanson
St Cloud, Minn. – Rachel Vega, David Vega, St. Cloud, Minn., and Rita Borchert
St Francis, Minn. – Brittany Stoeckel, Rick and Sue Stoeckel
St James, Minn. – Steven Noren, Ron and Angie Noren
St James, Minn. – Kelly Swanson, Howard and Sheri Swanson
St Louis Park, Minn. – Jessie Sheldon, Tom Sheldon and Jodi Rogness
St Louis Park, Minn. – Abigail Vig, Tracy and Diane Vig
St Paul, Minn. – Benjamin Obernolte, Donald and Leanne Obernolte
St Peter, Minn. – Erik Minter, Douglas and Sandra Minter
Stacy, Minn. – Chantell Sampson, Gene and Lisa Sampson
Staples, Minn. – Kirsten Longbella, Chad and Jody Longbella
Staples, Minn. – Ann-Jeanette Swenson, Robert and Sharon Swenson
Thief River Fls, Minn. – Corey Horien, Randy and Lynn Horien
Thief River Fls, Minn. – Jade Kilen, Douglas and Cynthia Klein
Trimont, Minn. – Guy Rudolph, Holly Rudolph, Alexandria, Minn., and Donald Rudolph
Two Harbors, Minn. – Anna Sell, William and Tina Sell
Ulen, Minn. – Chase Ashmore, Monte and Debra Ashmore
Ulen, Minn. – Brynn Johnson, Donald Johnson, Borup, Minn., and Barbara Delaney
Verndale, Minn. – Matthew Moenkedick, Gregory and Tina Moenkedick
Waconia, Minn. – Andrew Overson, Ronald and Cynthia Overson
Wadena, Minn. – Elizabeth Quincer, David and Lynn Quincer
Wadena, Minn. – Jonathan Taves, Harry and Judy Taves
Warroad, Minn. – Kelly Schaible, Brian and Lori Schaible
Waseca, Minn. – Kristy Singlestad, Scott and Vicky Singlestad
Watertown, Minn. – Alyssa Bodine, Gail Bodine, Watertown, Minn., and Francis Bodine
Watertown, Minn. – Kimberly Cassidy, Scott and Gail Cassidy
White Bear Lake, Minn. – Derek Ryan,
White Bear Lake, Minn. – Kristine Williams, Dean and Donna Williams
Willmar, Minn. – Ryan Hagemeyer, Douglas and Kim Hagemeyer
Willmar, Minn. – Anthony Neumann, Keith and Julie Neumann
Wolverton, Minn. – Erica Nord, Jay and Cindy Nord
Woodbury, Minn. – Rachel Mohrbacher, David Mohrbacher, Woodbury, Minn., and Laura Hall
Woodbury, Minn. – Anne Sexter, Tom Sexter, Woodbury, Minn., and Lynn Ettestad
Zimmerman, Minn. – Kaitlyn Boily, David Boily, Zimmerman, Minn., and Debra Colborn
Zimmerman, Minn. – Bethany Jacobs, Mike and Jackie Jacobs
St Charles, MO – Jennifer Bextermueller, Gary and Debra Bextermueller
Belgrade, Mont. – David Beery, Timothy and Marybeth Adams
Belgrade, Mont. – Joseph Klemann, Dan and Jamie Klemann
Bigfork, Mont. – Chelsie Steller, Blain and Laurie Steller
Billings, Mont. – Rebecca Burton, Mary McCullough, Billings, Mont., and Bradford Burton
Billings, Mont. – Tyler Dugger, Troy and Kathy Dugger
Billings, Mont. – Brooke Schlotterback, Thomas Schlotterback, Billings, Mont., and Jane Hanson
Billings, Mont. – Mark Schlotterback, Thomas Schlotterback, Billings, Mont., and Jane Hanson
Bozeman, Mont. – Megan Gehring, Brooks and Marci Gehring
Bozeman, Mont. – McKayla Patterson, Pat and Shannon Patterson
Bozeman, Mont. – Patrick Rundlett, Joe and Kelley Rundlett
Denton, Mont. – WesLeAnn Leininger, William and Wendy Leininger
Havre, Mont. – Michele Hockett, Jeffry Hockett, Havre, Mont., and Cindy Hockett
Huntley, Mont. – Kylene Compton, Perry and Tammy Compton
Kalispell, Mont. – Luke Cutler, Marck and Joann Cutler
Laurel, Mont. – Caitlin Bummer, Albert Bummer and Patti States
Ledger, Mont. – Brittney Kolstad, Chris and Vicki Kolstad
Red Lodge, Mont. – Michelle Thompson, Candis Thompson
Sidney, Mont. – Rhea Mocko, Daniel Mocko and Bethany Redlin
Sidney, Mont. – Whitney Satra, Kenneth and Susan Satra
Hampstead, N.C. – Riley McGlynn, David and Leslie McGlynn
Adams, N.D. – Laura Bylin, Lory and Elizabeth Bylin
Arthur, N.D. – Koty Berg, Tim Iwen and Alayne Berg-Iwen
Beulah, N.D. – Sarah Funkhouser, A T and Janet Funkhouser
Bismarck, N.D. – Kirk Bjella, Brian and Karen Bjella
Bismarck, N.D. – Barbara Crane, Stephen and JanisCrane
Bismarck, N.D. – Lynlee Espeseth, Ross and Celeste Espeseth
Bismarck, N.D. – Nicole Fischer, Todd Christman, Hettinger, N.D., and Jackie Farland
Bismarck, N.D. – Joshua Fisher, Jeffrey Gerving and Catherine Fisher-Gerving
Bismarck, N.D. – Jennifer Hausauer, Dan and Susan Hausauer
Bismarck, N.D. – Maria Koski, Roger and Chris Koski
Bismarck, N.D. – Dominique McFall, Scott McFall, Bismarck, N.D., and Stacy Kaul
Bismarck, N.D. – Cady Mittlestadt, Jason and Linda Mittlestadt
Bismarck, N.D. – Brynn Peterson, Robert Peterson, Bismarck, N.D., and Jacki Petersen
Burlington, N.D. – Bethany Johnson, Jay Johnson and Anne McKay
Burlington, N.D. – Karalyn Kester, Bruce Kester
Cando, N.D. – Amy Swenson, Larry and Lisa Swenson
Carrington, N.D. – Robin Simonson, Rick and Sarah Vanderstoep
Carrington, N.D. – Matthew Vold, Bruce and Anne Vold
Cavalier, N.D. – Sarah Siegle, Timothy and Marcia Siegle
Cavalier, N.D. – Samantha Stegman, Douglas and Janet Stegman
Davenport, N.D. – Sadie Skarloken, LeRoy and Patricia Skarloken
Devils Lake, N.D. – Britt Aasmundstad, Eric and Corrine Aasmundstad
Devils Lake, N.D. – Karyn Ovre, Harold and Judith Ovre
Devils Lake, N.D. – Marnie Rosenheim, Harold and Jeannette Rosenheim
Devils Lake, N.D. – Kayla Thorson, Lezlee Thorson
Edinburg, N.D. – Jackson Hall, Fred Hall and Dorothy Ydstie-Hall
Fargo, N.D. – Aaron Baune, Gary and Faye Baune
Fargo, N.D. – Brady Blomberg, Wallace and Carol Blomberg
Fargo, N.D. – Samantha Briggs, Wayne and Kristin Briggs
Fargo, N.D. – Camie Christensen, Curt and Renee Christensen
Fargo, N.D. – Monica Diederich, Paul and Ellen Diederich
Fargo, N.D. – Petter Eriksmoen, Neal and Karen Eriksmoen
Fargo, N.D. – Laura Farnam, Mark and Deanna Farnam
Fargo, N.D. – Kristen Feickert, Brian and Jane Feickert
Fargo, N.D. – Tana Flaten, Dean and Reanee Flaten
Fargo, N.D. – Keith Gillis, Donald and Julie Gillis
Fargo, N.D. – Jamie Green, Tim Green, West Fargo, N.D., and Brenda Green
Fargo, N.D. – Brittany Halberstadt, Tim and Mary Halberstadt
Fargo, N.D. – Erin Haley, Martin and Kim Haley
Fargo, N.D. – Marc Harrie, Bill and Lynn Harrie
Fargo, N.D. – Erica Holo, Jeff and Jacinta Holo
Fargo, N.D. – Bryn Homuth, Lawrence and Lisa Homuth
Fargo, N.D. – Brandon Howell,
Fargo, N.D. – Ashley Jacobs, Steven and Monica Jacobs
Fargo, N.D. – Benjamin Jacobson, Daniel and Joy Jacobson
Fargo, N.D. – Erin Johnson, Patrick and Cindy Johnson
Fargo, N.D. – Ayah Kamel, Ahmed Kamel and Mona Ibrahim
Fargo, N.D. – Mackenzie Kane, Oline Kane
Fargo, N.D. – Mackenzie Koeck, George and Kimberly Koeck
Fargo, N.D. – Kathryn Nelson, Daniel and Mary Nelson
Fargo, N.D. – Susan Obermiller, David and Terri Obermiller
Fargo, N.D. – Maggie Olson, Thomas Olson, Fargo, N.D., and Jane Olson
Fargo, N.D. – Daniel Peterson, Joel and Debbie Peterson
Fargo, N.D. – Janae Plummer, Steven and Janice Plummer
Fargo, N.D. – Kaylene Prigge, John and Kelly Prigge
Fargo, N.D. – Charissa Quinlan, Jolynn Schmid, Fargo, N.D., and James Quinlan
Fargo, N.D. – Sydney Redmond, Gene and Karla Redmond
Fargo, N.D. – Katherine Roerig, James and Deborah Roerig
Fargo, N.D. – Andrea Rognlien, Michael and Dawn Rognlien
Fargo, N.D. – Jared Sander, Roy and Lisa Sander
Fargo, N.D. – Angelique Savageau, Paul and Pauline Savageau
Fargo, N.D. – Joanna Schock, Sideny and Susan Susan Schock
Fargo, N.D. – Michael Sly, Steven and Tana Sly
Fargo, N.D. – Amy Swenson, Rodney and Janel Swenson
Fargo, N.D. – Erika Swenson, Andrew and Cynthia Swenson
Fargo, N.D. – Stephanie Villella, Larry Villella, Pelican Rapids, Minn., and Deborah Villella
Fargo, N.D. – Anna Willard, Paul and Susan Willard
Grafton, N.D. – Megan Tisdale, Wayne and Kristen Tisdale
Grand Forks, N.D. – Tanner Bommersbach, Scott and Holly Bommersbach
Grand Forks, N.D. – Taylor Caulfield, Kent and Laurella Caulfield
Grand Forks, N.D. – Emma Christy, David and Judy Christy
Grand Forks, N.D. – Erin Colenso, Tom and Margo Colenso
Grand Forks, N.D. – Laura Dahlstrom, Rod and Teresa Dahlstrom
Grand Forks, N.D. – Jocelyn Fetsch, Kevin and Cynthia Fetsch
Grand Forks, N.D. – Andrea Johnke, Ronald and Dianne Johnke
Grand Forks, N.D. – Laura Mathiason, Paul and Diane Mathiason
Grand Forks, N.D. – Brittany Molmen, David and Karen Molmen
Grand Forks, N.D. – Candice Morgan, Merilyn Gronski
Grand Forks, N.D. – Ian Roche, Scott and Sharon Roche
Grand Forks, N.D. – Aaron Smith, Mark and Sheryl Smith
Grand Forks, N.D. – Katherine Smith, Mark and Sheryl Smith
Grand Forks, N.D. – Kevin Torkelson, Jim and Kathy Torkelson
Hankinson, N.D. – Kevin Krautbauer, Greg and Lois Krautbauer
Hannaford, N.D. – Brita Johnson, Lynn and Sonja Johnson
Hannaford, N.D. – Karis Johnson, Lynn and Sonja Johnson
Hope, N.D. – James Baldwin, Kerry and DeeLia Baldwin
Horace, N.D. – Megan Nelson, Glenn and Jan Nelson
Horace, N.D. – Zachariah Roe, Michael and Tonya Tharaldson
Jamestown, N.D. – Justin Kavlie, Garreth Kavlie
Kenmare, N.D. – Stephanie Barnhart, Kenneth and Jean Barnhart
Kindred, N.D. – Kelsey Sumption, Dennis and Kathy Sumption
Langdon, N.D. – Marisa Paulson, Brad and Marcia Paulson
Lisbon, N.D. – Nicholas Birchem, Andy and Jackie Birchem
Mayville, N.D. – Dustin Klath, Curtis and Brenda Klath
Milton, N.D. – Amber Sperling, Otto and Linda Sperling
Minot, N.D. – Dane Hammer, Taryn and Andrea Hammer
Minot, N.D. – Jennifer Harvey, Todd and Katherine Harvey
Minto, N.D. – Kristina Schuster, Roger and Sandra Schuster
Oakes, N.D. – Kristen Warren, Don and Kathy Warren
Park River, N.D. – Jarrod Hylden, Mark and Esther Hylden
Portland, N.D. – Evan Eide, Randy and Brenda Eide
Portland, N.D. – Kelly Rygg, Marlow and Carmen Rygg
St Thomas, N.D. – Kallie Lunde, Timothy and Renee Lunde
St Thomas, N.D. – Kallie Lunde, Timothy and Renee Lunde
Thompson, N.D. – Elyse Galegher, Paul and Sonia Galegher
Tower City, N.D. – Courtney Richman, Tim and Stacy Richman
Valley City, N.D. – Melody Vinje, Dan and Kay Vinje
Valley City, N.D. – Sean Volk, Larry and Rebecca Volk
Wahpeton, N.D. – Kevin Frank, Robert and Priscilla Frank
Wahpeton, N.D. – Kristen Frank, Robert and Priscilla Frank
Wahpeton, N.D. – Justin Lehmann, Dean and Lisa Lehmann
West Fargo, N.D. – Jamie Odden, Ronald and Marn Odden
West Fargo, N.D. – Lisa Schoenberg,
Williston, N.D. – Molly Kupper, David and Sharon Kupper
New Hartford, N.Y. – Sallie Steiner, Bryan Venerus and Linda Dahl
Bennington, Neb. – Kelsea Kohler, Richard and Robin Kohler
Aberdeen, S.D. – Katherine Rux, Robert and Dawn Rux
Aberdeen, S.D. – Caitlyn Schuchhardt, Dennis and Nancy Schuchhardt
Aberdeen, S.D. – Rebecca Shilman,
Brookings, S.D. – Matthew Aadland, Mark and Laureen Aadland
Brookings, S.D. – Justine Scarbrough, Mary Scarbrough
Rapid City, S.D. – Sarah Ohlen, David and Sandi Ohlen
Rapid City, S.D. – Ann Palmer, Dan and Beth Palmer
Sioux Falls, S.D. – Carlita Haak, Duane Haak and Josephine Rodriguez-Haak
Sioux Falls, S.D. – Joshua Ryan, Kevin and Mary Ryan
Sioux Falls, S.D. – Joel Tripp, Lyle and Cindy Tripp
Sioux Falls, S.D. – Anne Wiederrich, James and Karri Wiederrich
Spearfish, S.D. – Jesse Klein, Wayne and Kelly Klein
Watertown, S.D. – Eric Brown, Scott and Pam Brown
Appleton, Wis. – Beth Mertes, Tom and Lois Mertes
Eau Claire, Wis. – Allison Hanson, Dave and Nancy Hanson
Elk Mound, Wis. – Amelia Weiss, Fred and Stacey Weiss
Grantsburg, Wis. – Lenora Benge, Steven and Linda Benge
Hudson, Wis. – Allison Lampman, Slater and Edith Lampman
Marshfield, Wis. – Vanessa Kowalski, Bradley and Mary Kowalski
Platteville, Wis. – Maria Pedersen, Jeffrey and Andrea Pedersen
Prescott, Wis. – Darin Drobinski, Steven and Lisa Drobinski
Worland, Wyo. – Kelley Ferguson, Breece and Sherryl Ferguson


University of Mary releases dean’s list

The following North Dakota and Minnesota students were named to the University of Mary, Bismarck, dean’s list:

Shae Helling Alexander ND
Courtney Fischer Amidon ND
Carolyne Kukla Barton ND
Skylar Tescher Beach ND
Eric Dionne Belcourt ND
Jody Laducer Belcourt ND
JoAnn Vivier Belcourt ND
Kelsey Hennessy Berthold ND
Trent Boyce Beulah ND
Jessica Hoepfner Beulah ND
Kelly Muscha Beulah ND
Kayla Schmidt Beulah ND
Tiffany Silbernagel Beulah ND
Tyler Zacher Beulah ND
Sarah Hoeckle Binford ND
Caitlin Adorni Bismarck ND
Christina Allen Bismarck ND
Wendy Allen Bismarck ND
Zanna Anderson Bismarck ND
Dana Asplund Bismarck ND
Chelsea Axt Bismarck ND
Mark Bakkum Bismarck ND
Erin Barber Bismarck ND
Michael Bechtle Bismarck ND
Alyssa Becker Bismarck ND
Cassandra Becker Bismarck ND
Matthew Becker Bismarck ND
McKinzie Becker Bismarck ND
Jeanne Beitelspacher Bismarck ND
Erica Belverstone Bismarck ND
Alexandrea Bennett Bismarck ND
Heather Bergstrom Bismarck ND
Matthew Binegar Bismarck ND
Betsy Bischoff Bismarck ND
Larissa Bitner Bismarck ND
Tyler Bjorhus Bismarck ND
Ashley Bjornstad Bismarck ND
Denise Bodensteiner Bismarck ND
Taija Bohn Bismarck ND
Lacy Bondley Bismarck ND
Janeen Bonine Bismarck ND
Kathrine Bosch Bismarck ND
Megan Bosch Bismarck ND
Leslie Boynton Bismarck ND
Tara Brandner Bismarck ND
Alexandria Buck Bismarck ND
Karlee Burkett Bismarck ND
Kayla Claussen Bismarck ND
Anne Cleary Bismarck ND
Crestin Cordero Bismarck ND
Rachel Cramer Bismarck ND
Blaine Cronrath Bismarck ND
Jessica Curl Bismarck ND
Carmen Dahl Bismarck ND
Toni Dauenhauer Bismarck ND
Lauri Desir Bismarck ND
Donavon Dick Bismarck ND
Rebecca Dietrich Bismarck ND
Brianna Dosch Bismarck ND
Jennifer Dunn Bismarck ND
Jennifer Dvorak Bismarck ND
Chelsea Eades Bismarck ND
Karl Effertz Bismarck ND
Theresa Ell Bismarck ND
Collin Engelhardt Bismarck ND
Sarah Evenson Bismarck ND
Jamie Fearing Bismarck ND
Kathryn Felton Bismarck ND
Jeremy Fettig Bismarck ND
Andrea Ficek Bismarck ND
Sasha Fischer Bismarck ND
Zersha Fischer Bismarck ND
Joseph Fladeland Bismarck ND
Joseph Friedig Bismarck ND
Cody Friesz Bismarck ND
Jared Fuchs Bismarck ND
Michelle Gehl Bismarck ND
Abigail Gimbel Bismarck ND
Allison Glasser Bismarck ND
Ashley Glur Bismarck ND
Kay Goettle Bismarck ND
Julie Griffin Bismarck ND
Cassandra Hadsell Bismarck ND
Kelsey Hamand Bismarck ND
Angela Harper Bismarck ND
Tanner Harris Bismarck ND
Logan Hauff Bismarck ND
Crystal Haugen Bismarck ND
Cory Heiser Bismarck ND
Amanda Hennessy Bismarck ND
Samantha Herauf Bismarck ND
Elizabeth Hipp Bismarck ND
Corey Hittle Bismarck ND
Donna Hoerner Bismarck ND
Brittney Hoff Bismarck ND
Marianne Hoffarth Bismarck ND
Amber Hoffman Bismarck ND
Malissa Holm Bismarck ND
Kelsey Holzer Bismarck ND
Dawn Hulm Bismarck ND
Nicole Hulm Bismarck ND
Sabina Hyder Bismarck ND
Amy Ibach Bismarck ND
Mikel Ingemansen Bismarck ND
Ashley Jacobs Bismarck ND
Cara Jahner Bismarck ND
Lyndon Jahner Bismarck ND
David Jesser Bismarck ND
Hayley Jiras Bismarck ND
Joshua Johnson Bismarck ND
Jude Johnson Bismarck ND
Robin Johnson Bismarck ND
Shaun Joseph Bismarck ND
Amanda Keller Bismarck ND
Craig Keller Bismarck ND
Nicole Kessler Bismarck ND
Michelle Kiec Bismarck ND
Sarah King Bismarck ND
Levi Kinnischtzke Bismarck ND
Zach Klabo Bismarck ND
Calle Kleingartner Bismarck ND
Irene Kosgei Bismarck ND
Matthew Kranzler Bismarck ND
Michael Krebs Bismarck ND
Benjamin Kringstad Bismarck ND
Evan Laib Bismarck ND
Olivia Larson Bismarck ND
Mitchel Leers Bismarck ND
Michelle Leintz Bismarck ND
Carly Lindbo Bismarck ND
Elizabeth Long Bismarck ND
Kayla Maedche Bismarck ND
Katie Mahon Bismarck ND
Jonathan Maier Bismarck ND
Caroline Malaktaris Bismarck ND
Ryan Malm Bismarck ND
Sarah Marquart Bismarck ND
Ciara Martel Bismarck ND
Alisha Martin Bismarck ND
Dawn Martin Bismarck ND
Kristin Mathern Bismarck ND
Abby McConnell Bismarck ND
Annie McConnell Bismarck ND
Kristi McGinnity Bismarck ND
Vanessa McLaughlin Bismarck ND
Brittany McQuistion Bismarck ND
Elizabeth Meidinger Bismarck ND
Chelsey Meier Bismarck ND
Katie Meier Bismarck ND
Jessica Meyer Bismarck ND
Tasha Michelsen Bismarck ND
Steven Michlitsch Bismarck ND
Justin Miller Bismarck ND
Christopher Milner Bismarck ND
Matthew Mitzel Bismarck ND
Calvin Motika Bismarck ND
Mark Nagel Bismarck ND
Noelle Nassif Bismarck ND
Libby Nelson Bismarck ND
Kristen Neumiller Bismarck ND
Landon Niemiller Bismarck ND
Londell Nissen Bismarck ND
Brittany Olheiser Bismarck ND
Sagan Orr Bismarck ND
Brenton Peltz Bismarck ND
Trista Pogatshnik Bismarck ND
Erika Potter Bismarck ND
Megan Power Bismarck ND
Shane Primeau Bismarck ND
Emily Pursley Bismarck ND
Sarah Rebenitsch Bismarck ND
Marne Reisenauer Bismarck ND
Zachary Reisenauer Bismarck ND
Lindsey Reiter Bismarck ND
Christopher Remme Bismarck ND
Keri Riehl Bismarck ND
Candace Rivinius Bismarck ND
Cassandra Rodewald Bismarck ND
Nicholas Roeder Bismarck ND
Audra Rosenow Bismarck ND
Amanda Sabin Bismarck ND
Hannah Sagaser Bismarck ND
Katherine Sather Bismarck ND
Benjamin Saunders Bismarck ND
Damon Savenko Bismarck ND
Austin Sayler Bismarck ND
Joshua Sayler Bismarck ND
Jesse Schauer Bismarck ND
Tanya Scherr Bismarck ND
Andrew Schmid Bismarck ND
Jeffrey Schmidt Bismarck ND
Heather Schulz Bismarck ND
Shauna Schumacher Bismarck ND
Stephanie Schwieters Bismarck ND
Emily Seagren Bismarck ND
Thomas Seifert Bismarck ND
Terry Siirtola Bismarck ND
Steven Smedshammer Bismarck ND
Joshua Smith Bismarck ND
Heather Stanton Bismarck ND
Brianna Steiner Bismarck ND
Rosanne Sturn Bismarck ND
Levi Taylor Bismarck ND
Michael Taylor Bismarck ND
Janna Ternes Bismarck ND
Meghann Theurer Bismarck ND
Joscelyne Thompson Bismarck ND
Shelley Tidaback Bismarck ND
Andrew Tuck Bismarck ND
Tessa Vaagen Bismarck ND
Lisa Van Heukelom Bismarck ND
Amy Venjohn Bismarck ND
Jordan Vetter Bismarck ND
Amber Wahl Bismarck ND
Shane Wahlstrom Bismarck ND
Ariana Walker Bismarck ND
Matthew Weber Bismarck ND
Mishay Weber Bismarck ND
Eric Wehmhoefer Bismarck ND
Daniel Weigel Bismarck ND
Tracy Weigel Bismarck ND
Kristine Weippert Bismarck ND
Sara Wiese Bismarck ND
Katherine Wiest Bismarck ND
Jordan Wilhelm Bismarck ND
Jenise Wilson Bismarck ND
Ariel Wiseman Bismarck ND
Alexis Witt Bismarck ND
Breanna Wolf Bismarck ND
Amber Wolfe Bismarck ND
Jeremy Campbell Bottineau ND
Josalynne Hoff Bowdon ND
Chelsea Pierce Bowman ND
Mallorie Pierce Bowman ND
Chantil Guthmiller Buchanan ND
Jacqueline Lemna Buffalo ND
Jennifer Behm Burlington ND
Jenna Herzig Burlington ND
Taylor Holte Burlington ND
Marley Edinger Carrington ND
Nicole Miller Carrington ND
Melissa Rosenau Carrington ND
Casey Schroeder Carrington ND
Shelby Pierce Center ND
Mandy Stumvoll Coleharbor ND
Kristen Strom Dawson ND
Lesley Kitzman Deering ND
Rachel Opland Des Lacs ND
Abbey Hintz Devils Lake ND
Nathan Kavli Devils Lake ND
Mary Sposato Devils Lake ND
Benjamin Thompson Devils Lake ND
Wesley Wakefield Devils Lake ND
Theresa Brooke Dickinson ND
Katherine Gordon Dickinson ND
Jacinta Havelka Dickinson ND
Kayla Hoerner Dickinson ND
McKyla Hondl Dickinson ND
Kayla Kolling Dickinson ND
Courtney Koppinger Dickinson ND
Collin Kudrna Dickinson ND
Allison Mann Dickinson ND
Brian Marsh Dickinson ND
Jon Marsh Dickinson ND
Miranda Meier Dickinson ND
Lynn Messer Dickinson ND
Kayla Rogers Dickinson ND
Jaden Schoch Dickinson ND
Jacob Selinger Dickinson ND
Elizabeth Sipma Dickinson ND
Tyler Steffan Dickinson ND
Carrie Thom Dickinson ND
Brittney Uttech Dickinson ND
Craig Goettle Donnybrook ND
Brittany Oster Drake ND
Amber Hulla Driscoll ND
Kristi Knutson Dunn Center ND
Austin Fauske Dunseith ND
Kelle Bacon Edgeley ND
Kindra Schmidt Edgeley ND
Britney Pesek Edmore ND
Lynly Ottmar Elgin ND
Kyla Kinzler Ellendale ND
Nicholas Knight Ellendale ND
Jena Pierce Ellendale ND
Kelsey Weiler Enderlin ND
Jane Langenwalter Fairmount ND
Jim Anderson Fargo ND
Eleanor Briggs Fargo ND
Eric Erdmann Fargo ND
Dana Foss Fargo ND
Christopher Jordan Fargo ND
Anthony Kuchan Fargo ND
Kimberla Lucier Fargo ND
Stacey Rohloff Fargo ND
Daniel Sandvig Fargo ND
Lindsay Schott Fargo ND
Sara Schroeder Fargo ND
Matthew Snead Fargo ND
Ashley Swanson Fargo ND
Jacquelyn Campbell Flasher ND
Casey Hanson Forman ND
Bryce Hummel Garrison ND
Deleene Wilcox Garrison ND
Brandi Martin Gladstone ND
Shalayna Barth Glen Ullin ND
Kayla Emter Glen Ullin ND
Sara Gerving Glen Ullin ND
Kurran Opp Glen Ullin ND
Matia Langehaug Glenburn ND
Marissa Mann Golden Valley ND
Mary LaHaise Grafton ND
Krystal Laskowske Grafton ND
Danielle Trontvet Grafton ND
Stephanie Erickson Grand Forks ND
Mariah Heaton Grand Forks ND
Rebecca Kuznia Grand Forks ND
Jennifer Anderson Grandin ND
Jeremy Misek Granville ND
Tana Trotter Grassy Butte ND
Alyssa Rotenberger Gwinner ND
Danyiele Faul Harvey ND
Samantha Hoffart Harvey ND
Emily Huseth Harvey ND
Sarah Keller Harvey ND
Bryan Sandy Harvey ND
Rachael Vetter Harvey ND
Russel Vetter Harvey ND
Alison Christian Hazen ND
Brooke Grosz Hazen ND
Molly Hanwell Hazen ND
Brian Jackson Hazen ND
Leigh Kaspari Hazen ND
Erica Richter Hazen ND
Amber Vetter Hazen ND
Samantha Ziegler Hazen ND
Madelyn Settelmeyer Hickson ND
Stacey Wildeman Hillsboro ND
Kara Knecht Hurdsfield ND
Richard Blumler Jamestown ND
Erica Clayton Jamestown ND
Shane Drenth Jamestown ND
Carla Edinger Jamestown ND
Shaulee Iverson Jamestown ND
Sarah Klein Jamestown ND
Claycee Olson Jamestown ND
Brandon St Michel Jamestown ND
Jesse Trapp Jamestown ND
Ashley Zimmerman Jamestown ND
Laura Johnson Kenmare ND
Marci Johnson Kenmare ND
Marnie Wagner Killdeer ND
Megan Girodat Kindred ND
Tara Ness Kindred ND
Katlyn Grunefelder Kintyre ND
Amanda Klettke Kulm ND
Jaclyn Ryan Langdon ND
Janelle Kyllo Larimore ND
Dana Kuhn Lefor ND
Alycia Kramer Lidgerwood ND
Miranda Huffman Lincoln ND
Steve Inglish Lincoln ND
Nichole Nigrin Lincoln ND
Kenneth Nye Lincoln ND
Kayla Warner Lincoln ND
Jordan York Lincoln ND
Lorraine Zafke Lincoln ND
Danny Wikenheiser Linton ND
Jonathan Achtenberg Mandan ND
Teresa Aldrich Mandan ND
Kirsten Anderson Mandan ND
Brittany Azure Mandan ND
Alyssa Bauer Mandan ND
Michelle Bauer Mandan ND
Obediah Bauer Mandan ND
Brittany Beehler Mandan ND
Adam Bloms Mandan ND
Kaila Carlson Mandan ND
Cali DeMarce Mandan ND
Craig Fetzer Mandan ND
Bethany Fogarty Mandan ND
Lacey Hatzenbuhler Mandan ND
Abigail Helbling Mandan ND
Amber Holznagel Mandan ND
Christina Johnson Mandan ND
Joshua Johnson Mandan ND
Danielle Kelly Mandan ND
Cassandra Kelsch Mandan ND
Thomas Kranda Mandan ND
Kelsey Kunz Mandan ND
Heather Lindsley Mandan ND
Stefanie Longtin Mandan ND
Paul Moch Mandan ND
Louis Neuenschwander Mandan ND
Connie Olson Mandan ND
Brooke Pandolfo Mandan ND
Kathy Peterson Mandan ND
Elyse Rossman Mandan ND
Danielle Schmautz Mandan ND
Cody Schmidt Mandan ND
McLauryn Schmidt Mandan ND
Bridgette Steinle Mandan ND
Ashley Stoltz Mandan ND
Rachel Stumpf Mandan ND
Jeran Thomson Mandan ND
Kristen Urlacher Mandan ND
Zachary Urlacher Mandan ND
Kayla Wetch Mandan ND
Molly Wolf Mandan ND
Heather Osadchy Max ND
Taylor Abler Mayville ND
Kristin Ripplinger McClusky ND
Chase Felchle Medina ND
Stephanie Richter Menoken ND
Lindsay Aarseth Minot ND
Rachel Brown Minot ND
Anne Charley Minot ND
Jane Charley Minot ND
Nathan Fogarty Minot ND
Wilbert Fogarty Minot ND
Lee Greuel Minot ND
Traci Hair Minot ND
Holly Hassler Minot ND
Christine Keller Minot ND
Courtney Klein Minot ND
Brittni Kraft Minot ND
Stephanie Olson Minot ND
Brianna Thomas Minot ND
Kaley Uscensky Minot ND
Danielle Shea Minot AFB ND
Chelsea Theiler Minot AFB ND
James Carroll Moffit ND
Shantel Meier Mott ND
Chelsey Roth Mott ND
Kriss McCleary Napoleon ND
Rebecca Rattei Napoleon ND
Morgan Schwartzenberger Napoleon ND
Abby Silbernagel Napoleon ND
Austin Wald Napoleon ND
Treva Roth New Leipzig ND
Rachel Fortney New Rockford ND
Hailey Perleberg New Rockford ND
Matthew Duncan New Salem ND
Alicia Busch Northwood ND
Trey Peterson Oakes ND
Jennifer Heggen Park River ND
Katie Hall Parshall ND
Ashley Deichert Raleigh ND
Deland Weyrauch Ray ND
Lindsay Wagner Regan ND
Lacey Jacobs Regent ND
Kourtney Heinrich Rhame ND
Seth Zentner Richardton ND
Kristyn Nelson Rolette ND
Jacob Kretschmar Rolla ND
Vanessa Friestad Rugby ND
Breann Lenzmeier Rugby ND
Elizabeth Mack Rugby ND
Ashley Salwey Rugby ND
Markelle Schmaltz Rugby ND
David Starks Ryder ND
Stephanie Pretzer Scranton ND
Whitney Hardy Sentinel Butte ND
Lacey Keith Sherwood ND
Mackenzie Benson Sheyenne ND
Sarah Cavanaugh St Michael ND
Tesha Fluhrer Stanley ND
Gregg Springan Stanley ND
Lindsey McKay Stanton ND
Lindsey Sand Steele ND
Jonathan Scherbenske Steele ND
Dan Schwab Steele ND
Vonda Dahl Sterling ND
Scott Ternes Strasburg ND
Matthew Wikenheiser Strasburg ND
Nikki Neumiller Sykeston ND
Maxi Fischer Tappen ND
Mandy Naumann Taylor ND
Andrew Adams Thompson ND
Kathryn Hanson Tolley ND
Beth Hanretty Towner ND
Jennifer Binstock Turtle Lake ND
Rhea James Turtle Lake ND
Tanner Pryor Underwood ND
Joshua Dietz Valley City ND
Kayla Dyrness Valley City ND
Erin Anderson Velva ND
Kayla Meyer Wahpeton ND
Haley Breyer Wales ND
Cassandra Borlaug Washburn ND
Eric Eberle Washburn ND
Kevin Johnson Washburn ND
Ashley Matthews Washburn ND
Brittney Rothmann Washburn ND
Kayli Thiel Washburn ND
Melissa Fitzloff West Fargo ND
Jed Hansen West Fargo ND
Michelle Reitan West Fargo ND
Caitlyn Henry Westhope ND
Danielle Schell Westhope ND
Anna Wyman Westhope ND
Sasha Angermeier Williston ND
Kaitlyn Blomberg Williston ND
Rachel Fearing Williston ND
Chelsey Grad Williston ND
Taylor Grundstad Williston ND
Alissa Kyllo Williston ND
Andrew Leer Williston ND
Katina Meyer-Klubben Williston ND
Jackson Opperud Williston ND
John Oyloe Williston ND
Leah Rambur Williston ND
Taylor Thompson Williston ND
Kirsten Welk Willow City ND
Emma Schauer Wilton ND
Kristen Burgad Wishek ND
Stacy Schaffer Wishek ND
Sarah Meidinger Zeeland ND

Tyler Kerr Andover MN
Rachel Drewlow Bagley MN
Grant Hillestad Breckenridge MN
Joanna Drennen Burnsville MN
Kelsey Zurn Callaway MN
John Amundson Carlos MN
Matthew LeBlanc Crookston MN
Ashley Peck Crookston MN
Andrew Kratzke Dent MN
Lesha Page Dilworth MN
Joshua Keller Eagan MN
Grant McWalter East Grand Forks MN
Kelly Kitzman Fergus Falls MN
Illana Mahoney Fergus Falls MN
Rachel Zillmer Foley MN
Ashley Erickson Frazee MN
Tracy Tollefson Glyndon MN
Ethan Fearing Long Prairie MN
Melissa Anderson Moorhead MN
Nate Anderson Moorhead MN
Bradley Bender Moorhead MN
Jason Flieth Moorhead MN
Tyler Kunkel Moorhead MN
Nicholas Trout Motley MN
Adrianne Nelson New York Mills MN
Christine Thelen Oakdale MN
Jennifer Agnew Onamia MN
Melissa Agnew Onamia MN
Rodney Schindler Pelican Rapids MN
Fanny Cobos Plymouth MN
Brittney Kleppe Rochester MN
Scott Schwartz Rochester MN
Hana Norberg Roseau MN
Bryan Highet Shakopee MN
Julia Schock Staples MN
Desiree Richter Walker MN
Eric Mohrbacher Warroad MN
Patricia Arcand White Bear Lake MN
Nikola Nikolic Willmar MN

MSUM releases fall semester dean’s list

 The following area students were named to the fall semester dean’s list at Minnesota State University Moorhead:

Argusville, N.D.

Scott Olson, Business Administration

Baker, Minn.
Lindsy Kowalski, Special Education
Alyssa Sogn, Art

Barnesville, Minn.
Jordan Berg,
Sarah Braton, Construction Management
Brent Halverson, Criminal Justice
Angela Heng, Sociology
Danae Iverson, Pre-Social Work
Matthew Kava, Computer Science, Mathematics
Corrine Redding, Anthropology
Jeffrey Swenson, History
Isaac Thomas, Economics
Cami Thompson, Biology
Amanda Volrath, Nursing

Heidi Anwiler, Psychology
Cody Bergee, Business Administration
Kathryn Bergee, Mathematics
Kayla Bergee, Mathematics
Brittiany Bowlus, Health Services Administration
Heather Cegla, Physics
Renee Charon, Political Science
Brittany Frisco, Health Education, Physical Education
Brenda Hagen, Psychology
Brittany Hawk, Sociology
Trisha Johnson, Mass Communications
Justin McDowell, Social Studies
Derek Osland,
Vanessa Perkins, English
Thomas Seim, Sociology
Kayla Skalsky, Mass Communications
Ronald Tollefson, Pre-Engineering
Jacob Vossler, Biology
Craig Cavett, Criminal Justice

Omar Abdi, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Medical Technology
Nicholas Adamski, Exercise Science
Melodie Alt, Art
Jordana Anderson, Earth Science Education
Katie Anderson, Community Health
Maranda Anderson, Community Health
Tyler Anderson, Business Administration
Krista Anklam, Elementary Education
Kassandra Argall, Elementary Education
Cady Aston, Marketing
Ryan Backer, Sociology
Jeanette Baker, Mass Communications
Jessica Baker, Elementary Education
Megan Baker, Elementary Education
Daniel Bartholomay, Mass Communications
Megan Bartholomay, English
Alyssa Battles, Communication Studies
Sallie Bellefeuille, Biology
Ryan Berry, Business Administration
Matthew Best, English
Josiah Bjorgaard, Chemistry
Charles Boschee, Social Studies
Eugene Branstiter, History
Sarah Brawders, Psychology, Criminal Justice
Trisha Breker, International Business, Spanish
Rachel Brophy, Elementary Education
Lewis Burris, Art
David Bye, Chemistry Education
Justin Carlson, Graphic Communications
Rachel Carlson, Art
Brianne Carlsrud, Mass Communications
Alexis Carroll, Mass Communications
Amber Christiansen, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Jon Christianson, Business Administration, Accounting
Jordan Christianson, Music Performance
Sarah Clark, Art
Shanna Conn, Mass Communications
David Corwin, Biology
Brianna Cossette, Finance
Kelly Cossette, Theatre Arts
Mikayla Daub, Art
Timothy De Forge, Film Studies
Benjamin DeHaven, Elementary Education
Matthew Dietzler, Music Industry
Jennifer Dobis, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Pre-Medicine
Kori Dobitz, Graphic Communications
Aaron Dorval, Music Performance
Philip Doyle, Exercise Science
Anthony Dub, Management
Lindsey Duffield, Nursing
Travis Dvoracek, Graphic Communications
Megan Eckman, Art, English
Robert Eden, Business Administration
Alexander Ehlen, Art
Matthew Ehrichs, Computer Information Systems
Dustin Enget, Finance
Anthony Erickson, Construction Management
Valerie Erickson, Nursing
Kelsie Fahy, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Lacey Finke, Mass Communications
Brant Flemmer, Operations Management
Scott Flores, Geosciences
Alison Forstrom, Elementary Education, Spanish Education
Joni Foss, Elementary Education
Kimberly Fossland, Social Studies
Nicole Frank, Business Administration
Alexander Freed, Physics, Pre-Engineering
Mark Frenzel, Economics
Kimberly Fritel, Psychology
Nicholas Froning, Criminal Justice
Tyler Gardin, Music Industry
Torey Garletz, Art
James Gastonguay, Exercise Science
Linda Gaye, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Erin Granger, Theatre Arts
Owen Grasto, Social Work
Justine Greener, Elementary Education
Jenna Greff, Health Services Administration
Robert Guck, Theatre Arts
Nicole Haaland,
Torrey Halverson, Mass Communications
Kristine Hansen, Art
Jeffrey Hanson, Music Industry
Taylor Hardina,
Jayce Hardy, Elementary Education
Jeffrey Harms, Elementary Education
Angela Harper,
Eric Hauge, Life Science Education
Philip Haugrud, Biology
Logan Herold, English
Jeanne Hettich, Spanish, Communication Studies
Rachel Hettich, Accounting
Kasey Himmerick, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Sarah Hoepfner, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Alexis Hoffman, Elementary Education
Seung Mi Hong, Paralegal
Jake Hutchison, Biology
Jessica Ingolfsland, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Misty Irving, Mass Communications
Brent Jaenicke, Paralegal
Sandra Jermyn, Art
Brittany Jerstad,
Darren Johnson, International Studies
KelaAnn Johnson, East Asian Studies
Kelsey Johnson, Psychology, Social Studies
Megan Johnson, Art Education, Art
Stacie Johnson, Social Studies
Rachel Johnston, Paralegal
Danielle Jones, Psychology
Courtney Jorgenson, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Emily Jorgenson, Social Studies
Amy Kadrmas, Mass Communications
Cora Kadrmas, Special Education
Anne Kaese, International Business
Nicole Kahler, Elementary Education
Ashraf Kamel, Sociology
Alyssa Kamrowski, Exercise Science
Jennifer Kelley, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Ryan Kelly, Mass Communications
Katherine Kemmer, Mass Communications
Emily Kemper, Art
Godwin Kessy, Accounting, Economics
Travis Knecht, Music Performance
Alec Koch, Music Industry
John Koch, English
Jennifer Kopperud, Paralegal
Sara Kram, Anthropology
Joseph Kramer, Film Studies
Tara Kramer, Mass Communications, Film Studies
Casey Kraulik, Elementary Education
Jace Krumwiede, Graphic Communications, Computer Information Systems
Benjamin Kuehne, Graphic Communications
Samantha Kundinger,
Dakota Kvaale, Elementary Education
Jonathan Kvernen, Construction Management
Monique Landman, Elementary Education
Richard Larsgaard, Construction Management
Kelsey Larson, Art, Mass Communications
Amy Lavalla, Nursing
Love Leon, Social Work
Carrie Lervik, Mass Communications
Kendra Lewellyn, Graphic Communications
Mason Lewis, History
Carlie Leyde, Mass Communications
Renato Libman, Music Industry
Stephanie Lilleberg, Speech/Language/Hearing Science, Spanish
Leslie Limvere, Social Work
Gregory Lindholm, Music Industry
Michael Lobdell, Spanish Education, English Education
Brittany Lothspeich, Psychology, Community Health
Brianna Lucas, Theatre Arts
Eric Lundberg, Legal Studies
Bradley Madsen, History
Nhan Mai, Art
Carena Materi, Special Education, English Education
Alexis Mathias, Early Childhood Education, Spanish Education
Nathan Matson, Mass Communications
Jared Mavis, Elementary Education
Krista McCleary, Health Services Administration
Sondra McGregor, Biology
Colin McLean,
Alex Mehring, Accounting
Justine Messelt, Nursing
Tierney Michon, Theatre Arts
Yury Mikheev, Computer Science
Jenna Miller, English
Brock Moulton, Social Studies
Catherine Murray, Communication Studies
Yulia Murzaeva, Accounting
Morgan Naslund, Social Studies
Travis Neros, Gerontology
Jennifer Neuteboom, History, English
Alexandra Nistler, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Justin Norris, Political Science
Amanda Nygard, Music
Ashley Odegard, Film Studies
Alaina Olson, Health Services Administration
Daniel Olson, Biology
Kelli Olson, Mass Communications
Rachael Olson, Psychology
Logan Onstad, Criminal Justice
Nathan Ostby, Elementary Education
Nicholas Pates, Economics
Lance Pearson,
Chelsey Penuel, Biology
George Peterson, Criminal Justice
Kayla Pierson, Health Education, Physical Education
Michael Popp, Graphic Communications
Tabb Prissel, Geosciences
Travis Putz, Corrick Center
Hala Qarini, Special Education, Early Childhood Education
Mark Radcliffe, Corrick Center
Jennifer Rathert, Music
Grace Reile, Elementary Education
Alisha Rethke, Special Education
Jordan Rheault, Elementary Education
Paige Richard, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Natalie Rick, Psychology
Gloria Riopelle, Health Services Administration
Valerie Roberts, Nursing
Kathie Romsdahl, Accounting
Adrian Roopnarine, Physics
Kelsey Roseth, English/Mass Communications
Georgianne Rowe, Life Science Education, Biology
Cole Ryg, Mass Communications
Alicia Ryland, Elementary Education
Joel Sandgren, Mass Communications
Sonda Sauers, Psychology
Gabriel Sauvageau, Biology
Allyson Schaan,
Sara Schafer, Nursing
Jennifer Scheuer, Art
Brock Schmallen, Economics
Jacquelyn Schmidt, Psychology
Joseph Schmit, Elementary Education
William Schnase, Theatre Arts, Film Studies
Adam Schroeder, Graphic Communications
Megan Scilley, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
William Scott, English Education, Social Studies
Harry Shaffer, Composition
Heidi Shaffer, Mass Communications
Kiere Shaffer, Art
Amber Short, Elementary Education
Andria Short, Social Work
Arnold Sitzer, History
Rebekah Slocomb, Elementary Education
Dustin Sobolik, History
Erin Sorum, Music
Allison Steen, Mass Communications
Neal Stein, Music Industry
Nathaniel Stensgard, Art
Tina Stoppleworth, History
Meghan Strand, Nursing
Elizabeth Strobl, Elementary Education
Alyssa Swangler, Elementary Education
Leah Swedberg, Physical Education
Sean Switajewski, International Business
Brittaney Syverson, Mass Communications
Brittnee Tarang, Art
Jessica Tauber, Music Industry
Kaitlyn Teske, Mass Communications, Spanish
Arti Thakkar, Health Services Administration
Kathleen Thomas, Music Education
Kevin Thomas, Music Education
Rebekah Townsend, Communication Studies
Jeremy Traen, Social Work
Marissa Trosen, Criminal Justice
Kaeley Troyer, Health Education
Megan Tykwinski, Nursing
Neil VanDam, Finance
Christopher Velzen, Business Administration
Greta Wagendorf, Elementary Education
Seth Wagner, Elementary Education
McKensie Wallner, Art
Sara Wangler, Art
Alicia Ward, Elementary Education
Phillip Weiss, Mass Communications
Alexander Welgraven, Film Studies
Erin Whitehead, Social Studies
Christopher Widhalm, Graphic Communications
Andrea Wiest, Health Services Administration
Marcus Wiley, Mass Communications
Dev Withanachi, University Studies
Stephanie Wolf,
Valerie Zeller, Communication Studies
Margaret Zimmerman, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Felton, Minn.
Courtney Covey, Nursing
Laura Rehn, Mass Communications
Kevin Schumacher, Theatre Arts, English Education

Frazee, Minn.
Emily Riewer, Business Administration

Gardner, N.D.
Rebecca Woods, Nursing

Georgetown, Minn.
Leslie Wood, English/Mass Communications

Glyndon, Minn.
Jacob Jenson, Business Administration
Maxfield Johnk, Music Performance
Katlin Korynta, Music Education
Erika Mjolsness, Psychology
Ashton Pender, Elementary Education
Teresa Radtke, Psychology
Tiffany Richards, Psychology
Cassandra Roder, Music Education
Amanda Strong, Elementary Education
Rebecca Swenson, Criminal Justice

Harwood, N.D.
Sara Bowman, Elementary Education
Jessica Gust, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Abby Paul, Mass Communications, Art
Molly Siegert, Psychology
Samantha Watson, Psychology

Hawley, Minn.
Fenner Colson, Physics, Mathematics
Jennifer Dahl, Psychology
Angela Jetvig, Health Services Administration, Exercise Science
Candace Jetvig, History
Michelle Jetvig, Nursing
Cory Mattson, Accounting
Spencer McGrew, History
Meghan Nelson, Sociology, Criminal Justice
Chelsea Norman, Medical Technology
Katie Pruitt, Nursing
Ivy Renner, Special Education
Avery Sauer, Mass Communications
Andrew Vanhavermaet, Exercise Science

Hickson, N.D.
Joseph Lingen, Finance

Hitterdal, Minn.
KayCi Olson, Criminal Justice

Hope, N.D.
Nicolette Ihry, Mass Communications

Horace, N.D.
Daniel Grabill, East Asian Studies, Languages
MacKenzie Moen, Elementary Education
Trisha Page, Psychology
Parker Shook, Business Administration
Kathryn Shorma, Elementary Education, Spanish
Lindsay Stokes, Art
Justin Tommeraus, Physical Education
Lindsay Wangler, Elementary Education, Special Education

Kindred, N.D.
Candace Boyer, Accounting
Suzanne Boyer, Accounting
Lindsey Dietrich, Elementary Education
Lindsey Jameson, English Education

Leonard, N.D.
Courtney Weatherhead, Mass Communications

Mapleton, N.D.
Mary Broeren,

Kayla Adams, Art Education
Marissa Allen, Early Childhood Education, Special Education
Thomas Alverson, Construction Management
John Anderson, Criminal Justice, Psychology
Kye Anderson, Elementary Education
Benjamin Andres, Business Administration
Brandon Anselmin, Corrick Center
John Antoine, Philosophy
Lotus Awale, Mass Communications
Damilola Ayanlakin, Biology
Ismael Banla, Biology
Mark Bashaasha, Economics
Anthony Batesole, Mathematics Education
Allison Bauers, Business Administration
Paul Beaudoin, English
Natallia Belavina, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
John Berdahl, Art
Binamrata Bhandari, Health Services Administration
Sachin Bhandari, Nursing
Samundra Bhattarai, Biology
Daisy Boatey,
Kyle Boerner, Biology
Tenille Brackins, Criminal Justice
Adam Brammer, Construction Management
Alayna Briard, Health Services Administration
Nicole Broadway, Business Administration
Lisa Bruggeman, Elementary Education
Chandra Buck, Philosophy
Joshua Buetow, Accounting
Rajeev Busgeeth, Mass Communications
Jennifer Cerar, Elementary Education
Jennifer Chapman, Paralegal
Kabina Chaulagain, Biology
Ruvimbo Chitemere, Chemistry, Pre-Dentistry
Evan Christie, Social Studies
Aminata Cissokho, Economics
Brianna Conner, Pre-Social Work
Andrea Cook, International Studies, Art
Nana Dabanka, Chemistry, Biology
Andrew Dahl, Computer Science
Jakob Dahlen, English Education
Frank Darko, Health Services Administration
Fernanda deOliveira, Film Studies
Pragya Devkota, International Studies
Rajesh Dhakal, Physics
Ali Dhanani, Pre-Pharmacy, Business Administration
Sanjog Dhungana, Nursing
Ekta Dhungel,
Jordan Driscoll, Business Administration
Alpha Duru, Biology
Vaneesha Dusoruth, Economics
Corinne Edgerton, History
Andrea Einarson, Pre-Social Work
Andrew Eklund, Music Education
Malin Ellstrom-Evarts, Biology
Hope Enger, Elementary Education, Mass Communications
Maria Evglevskikh, Business Administration
Rachelle Feir, Art
Alyssa Felling, Paralegal
Jennifer Fetting, Accounting, Finance
William Forney, Psychology, Criminal Justice
Michelle Friemann, Music Education
Lochana Gautam, Accounting
Prabhu Gautam, Finance
Etsehiwot Gebreselassie, Chemistry
Poonam Girdhar, Film Studies
Anil Giri, Construction Management
Lisa Gonzalez, Social Work
Tatiana Gracyk, Philosophy
Thelonious Gracyk, English
Brittany Granberg, Gerontology, Undeclared
Lewis Grant, Mass Communications
Jessica Griewe, Paralegal
Katelyn Grogan, Mass Communications
Daniel Grosz, Philosophy, Political Science
Julie Gullings,
Kari Gulseth, Mass Communications
Natassja Gunasena, English, Women’s Studies
Chloe Gunderson, Biology
Arati Gurung, Community Health
Hardik Gurung, Accounting
Sagar Gurung, Business Administration
Subha Gyawali, Business Administration
Andrew Haak, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Amjad Habouch, Finance, Business Administration
Lyle Hager, Music Education
Allison Hakk, Elementary Education
Adam Hansen, Mass Communications
Nathan Hansen, Computer Science
Erik Hanson, Economics, Social Studies
Yuki Harada, Music Performance
Bryce Haugen, Social Studies
Kevin Hayes, Business Administration
Alicia Hedstrom, Special Education
Jessie Heising, Criminal Justice
Cami Hendrickson, Business Administration
Tara Hendrickson, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Bodini Herath, Biology
Erik Hernes, History
Erik Hest, Social Studies
Brian Hoots, Business Administration, Business Administration
Denise Hulbert, Paralegal
Hyunjin Hwang, Community Health
Brittany Jacobs, Elementary Education
Dane Jenson, Criminal Justice, Accounting
Haewoong Jeon, Mathematics
Danielle Jetvig, Physical Education, Health Education
Kendall Johnk, Business Administration
Anna Johnson, Biology
Matthew Johnson, Communication Studies
John Jones, Accounting
Megan Jordahl, Nursing
Sushmita K.C.,
Buba Kanagi, International Studies
Haina Kang, International Studies
Bibhusha Karki, International Studies
Pragalv Karki, Physics
Aastha Khatiwada, Economics
Himani Khatri, Psychology
Harang Kim, Mass Communications
Yeri Kim, Graphic Communications
Clinton Kliewer, Graphic Communications
Kamal Koirala, Business Administration
Takuto Kondo, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Clayton Kramer, Economics
Manasvi Kulshrestha, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Mitchell Lakner, Biology, Chemistry
Pitigala Lakshan,
Bijay Lama, Graphic Communications
Lhemi Lama,
Yubraj Lamichhane, Management
Amber Larson, Social Work
Bryan Larson, Business Administration
Jamee Larson, English
Joran Le Stradic, Communication Studies
Jennifer Leadbetter, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Veronica Leaf, Community Health
Ashton Lee, Elementary Education
Bryce Leggins, Physical Education-Non Teaching
Patrick Lenertz, Social Work
Rachel Lense, History
Bilguun Lhagva-Ochir, International Studies
Cheri Lorenzana, Elementary Education
Amita Manandhar, Mass Communications
Lumu Manandhar, Biology
Rajan Manandhar, Graphic Communications
Nana Manga Matuba, Biology, Communication Studies
Japhet Massesa, Computer Information Systems
Anthony McAleer, Mass Communications
Jesika McCauley,
Kurtis McIntire, Biology
Mark McIntire, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Christopher Mehl, Mathematics
Joshua Melby, Music Performance
Kwadwo Mensah, Finance
Cassandra Meyer, Accounting
Namiko Mikado, Mass Communications
Maria Miles, Operations Management
Jenna Miller, Nursing
Justin Moen, Political Science
Aisha Mohamed, Accounting
Faraj Mohammed, Graphic Communications
Christopher Moore, Physics
Kaleb Morken, Pre-Social Work
Stephanie Morse, Film Studies, Social Work
Anna Nelson,
Ashley Nelson,
Kelsey Nelson, Political Science
Tara Nelson, Social Work
Aarati Niraula, Community Health
Adam Nosbush, Physical Education, Health Education
Allan Nunez, Business Administration
Princess Nwakalor, Physics
Lacey Nygard, Mass Communications
Amber Olds, English/Mass Communications
Jeffrey Olson, Computer Information Systems
Imade Omonuwa, Political Science, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Anthony Orner, Art
Marie Parker, Music Education
Sunil Paudel, International Studies
Kayla Penning, Health Education, Physical Education
Athukoralage Perera, Finance
Athukoralage Perera, Management
Buddhika Perera, Computer Information Technology, Computer Information Systems
Ashley Peterson, Social Work
Daniel Peterson, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Marissa Peterson, Political Science
Mary Pierce, Communication Studies
Sara Pinkney, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Plankers, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Saru Pokharel, Health Services Administration
Corey Pollack, Film Studies
Zachary Priddy, Biology, Music
Jacob Purrier, Social Studies
Fariha Rahman, Economics
Sharon Ranjitkar, Finance
Ashley Rasmussen, Accounting
Elizabeth Rawal, Community Health
Allegra Reiswig, English
Joshua Ridler, Construction Management
Durga Rijal, Business Administration
Swarnima Rimal, Business Administration
Naomi Roisum, Art
Dominique Rolando, Communication Studies, International Studies
Jared Ronningen, Life Science Education
Sheila Rostvedt, Elementary Education
Sabrina Sam, Biology
Steven Sanders, English Education
James Sandifer, Music Education
Murshid Saqlain, Pre-Engineering, Physics
Kelly Sater, Chemistry, Pre-Engineering
Rebecca Schaffer,
Emily Schiele, Psychology
Ashley Schmidt, Nursing
Katelyn Schwartzenberger,
Roshan Shah, Computer Information Technology
Santosh Shah, Accounting
Anjan Shakya, Accounting
Neeva Shakya, Business Administration
Abdiqadar Sharif, Business Administration
Shikha Sherchan, Health Services Administration
Mingma Sherpa, Finance
Aadesh Shrestha, Finance
Arsana Shrestha, Early Childhood Education
Bipin Shrestha, Biology
Deepsha Shrestha, Physics
Prasanna Shrestha, Accounting
Subhechhaya Shrestha, Finance
Peter Siggerud, Construction Management
Ashley Simmons, Special Education
Shashank Sitaula, Computer Science
Olivi Solangaarachchi, Accounting
Zachariah Sollie, Film Studies
Michele Soltis, Art
Jennifer Spencer, Nursing
Alex Stalboerger, Life Science Education, Biology
Ashley Stalboerger, Elementary Education
Kyle Stoutenburg, History
Smita Tandukar, Business Administration
Huanan Tao, International Studies
Nilan Tha Shrestha, Biology
Pragita Thapa, Psychology, Sociology
Pratik Thapa, Accounting
Moriah Thielges, Art Education
Cody Trautner, Art
Jessica Truscinski, Mass Communications
Chananya Tuntiteeraboon, Music Performance
Jesse Turner, Construction Management
Richa Upadhyay, Mass Communications, International Studies
Neharika Upadhyaya, Health Services Administration
Kristen Urlacher, Elementary Education
Aziz Usmanov, Political Science, Computer Science
Patricia Vanyo, Exercise Science
Tyler Varriano, Finance
Bertha Vasquez, Art Education
Aubrey Vesledahl, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Sarah Villanueva, English Education
Anna Volk, English
Laurel Wallert, Psychology, Criminal Justice
Leah Wallgren, Elementary Education
Stephany Weaver,
Yvonne Wegscheid, Art
William Weightman, Theatre Arts
Hayley Wenzel, Health Services Administration
Lisa Wertman, Paralegal
Jesse White, Elementary Education, Sociology
Maggie Williams, Psychology
Emily Wright, Special Education
Robert Wright, Finance, Economics
Yuichiro Yoshida, Athletic Training
Charley Young, Athletic Training, Exercise Science
Natalie Zelmer, Biology
Naomi Zettel, Health Services Administration
Chenchen Zhao, Communication Studies
Rachel Zoerner, Mass Communications

Oxbow, N.D.
Katelyn Fisher,

Reiles Acres, N.D.
Catherine Miller, Art Education

Sabin, Minn.
Megan Bjorndahl, Elementary Education
Jennifer Kurtz, Accounting
Julia Mead, Sociology
Katie Noennig, Nursing

Walcott, N.D.
Andrea Cummings, Mass Communications
Tara Cuypers, Paralegal

West Fargo
Morgan Anderson, Graphic Communications
Jannel Barnes, Special Education, Music Education
Telindalee Beck-King,
Carlie Brekke, Psychology
Nicole Brokmeier, Biology
Kelli Clark, Social Studies
Lindsey Elless, Nursing
Eric Falde, Graphic Communications
Andrea Flaten, Elementary Education
Sarah Fredricks, Elementary Education
Nathan Funk, Accounting
Erica Gentile, Social Work
Gregory Gentzkow, Music Education
Heather Goebel,
Christine Goodall, Paralegal
Megan Hass, Social Work
Clara Helgeson, Elementary Education
Kristopher Holaday, Biology
Brady Houkom, Computer Science
Travis Husen, Elementary Education
Brad Johnson, Legal Studies
Tessie Jones, Art
Kaitlin Kelly, Paralegal
Holly Knutson, Elementary Education
Craig Koenen, Construction Management
Becca Kress, Elementary Education
Jessica Lambertz, Art
Rachel Lugert,
Jamie Lund, Exercise Science
Shannon Lund, Graphic Communications
Jennifer Lundberg, Elementary Education
Samantha Luptak, Business Administration
Tiffany Marquart, Criminal Justice
Aimee McEwen, Biology
Amanda Mickelson, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Koleman Myszka, Legal Studies
Sara Neumann, Special Education
Mitchell Nordstog, Sociology
Megan O’Leary, Elementary Education
Shannon O’Leary, Elementary Education
Jeffrey Opp, Art
Andre Pilch, Art
Andrew Potter, Elementary Education
Peter Quinn, Social Studies
Laura Ronning, Biology
Melissa Schiller, Speech/Language/Hearing Science
Ali Schweitzer, Elementary Education
Jessica Short, Elementary Education
Ryan Sickels, Elementary Education
Timothy Stulken, English Education
Ramiro Torres, Accounting, Spanish
Jill Utter, Elementary Education
Shallyn Van Den Einde, Special Education
Lindsey Volker, Graphic Communications
Miranda Vossler, Finance
Jasen Walker, Biology
Peter Wiederholt, Accounting
Allen Wilkens, Business Administration

Wolverton, Minn.
Larissa Harris, Anthropology


MSUM art students display work

A Minnesota State University Moorhead student art exhibit is on display now through March 12 at the Roland Dille Center for the Arts. Gallery hours are: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays; noon to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays; or by appointment by e-mailing

The following students are exhibiting work:

 Graphic Design

· Kristen Wann, Sioux Falls, S.D. Parents are Karen and Bill Wann.

· Cheryl Wald, Linton, N.D. Parents are Francis and Charlene Wald.

· Bryan Murphy, Glyndon. He is the son of Cynthia Murphy.

· Heather Donarski, Roseau. Parents are Chad and Sherry Johnson and Bill Donarski.

· Mandee Nyhus, Fosston. Parents are Steve and Cindy Nyhus.

· Jesse Larson, Warren. Parents are Wayne and Sharon Larson.

· Morgan Hoyt, Mayville, N.D. Parents are Al and Helen Hoyt.

· Alexis Dietz, Bismarck, N.D. She is the daughter of Kate Dietz.

· Brok Merril, Fisher. Parents are Aaron and Barbie Merril.


· Danielle McGhan, Bottineau, N.D. Parents are Robbie and Kathy McGhan.

· Claudia Chenard, Eden Prairie. Parents are Claud and Julie Chenard.


· Abby Cline, Moorhead. Parents are Michael Cline and Kathy Weinstein.

· Kaylyn Gerenz, Bismarck, N.D. Parents are Walt and Susan Gerenz.


· Katie Monson, Monticello. Parents are Darcy and Shirley Monson.

· Danielle Heschke, Henning. Parents are Roger and Dorothy Heschke.

· Sonia DeBenetti, Anoka. Parents are Dan and Colleen DeBenetti.

· Elise Parsley Hylden, Flandreau, S.D. Parents are Denis and Susan Parsley.

· Mike Riemann, Fargo, N.D. Parents are John and Barb Riemann.


· Mathew Thompson, Pelican Rapids. Parents are Barb and Kris Hanson.

· Elizabeth Wolf, Beulah, N.D. Parents are David and Lynne Wolf.


· Emi Maezawa, Kobe, Japan. Parents are Akihiro and Yasuko Maezawa.

· Jennifer Vincent, Rothsay. Parents are Julie and Mike Jacobson.


· Tessie Jones, West Fargo, N.D. Parents are Ken and Kathy Jones.

· Jessica Gloege, Ortonville. Parents are Lisa Williams and Kevin Gloege.

· Elizabeth Haugen, West Fargo, N.D. Parents are John and Cheryl Asmund.

· Bridget Roth Kittok, Annandale. Parents are Gretchen and John Kittok.

· Brittnee Tarang, Leeds, N.D. Parents are Larry and Jill Tarang.

· Hilary Ellison, West Fargo, N.D. Parents are Barry and Susan Ellison.

· Brittany Carlisle, Frazee. Parents are Orville and Darlene Carlisle.

Art Education

· Katie Klimek, Glenwood. Parents are Kevin and Connie Klimek.

· Ben Walker, Fargo, N.D. Parents are Deb Walker and Stewart Sahlberg.

· Timothy Wegscheid, New York Mills. Parents are Richard and Brenda Wegscheid.


Kathryn Berg chosen as N.D. Cherry Blossom Princess

Washington – Sen. Kent Conrad announced today that he has chosen Kathryn Berg, a Fargo native and current student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., to be North Dakota’s 2010 Cherry Blossom Princess. Berg will represent North Dakota in the National Conference of State Societies’ Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.


The 61st Cherry Blossom Festival will take place from March 27 to April 11 this year.


“We are very lucky to have such a great young woman like Kathryn representing North Dakota in this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival,” Senator Conrad said. “She is a smart, talented young woman, and I know she will make a wonderful ambassador in the upcoming festival.”


Berg, 19, is the daughter of David and Rebecca Berg of Fargo. She graduated from Fargo North High School in 2008 and is currently studying psychology at Georgetown, where she is expected to graduate in 2012. Kathryn is also member of Georgetown’s swim team where she competes in the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke for the Hoyas. She had been a member of North Dakota’s all-state team from 2003-07 and holds school records in the 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay.



The Annual festival commemorates a gift of 3,000 cherry trees from the city of Tokyo to the people of Washington, D.C. in 1912. Since 1949, more than 3,000 women have participated in the Cherry Blossom Princess program. One princess is chosen to represent each state during a week of education, leadership, and cultural activities.


The Princess program culminates on April 9, at the Cherry Blossom Queen Grand Ball, where the Queen will be chosen by the spin of a wheel. The first duty of the new Queen is to travel to Japan for a two-week cultural tour and to represent the U.S. in the Japanese cherry blossom celebration.


N.D. State Debate Tournament results announced

The 97th Annual North Dakota High School Activities Association Debate Tournament was held at Fargo South High School last weekend.
The top 5 teams were as follows: 1st – Fargo South with 60 points, 2nd –Fargo Shanley with 52 points, 3rd –GF Central with 43 points, Tied for 4th –Mandan and Fargo North with 23 points.

The coach of the year as elected by his peers is Scott Conrad from Grand Forks Central.

Individual place winners in each division are as follows:

Division I Lincoln-Douglas Debate — 1st place– Phoebe Strom of Fargo North, 2nd place – Kristin Emmons of Grand Forks Central, Semi Finalists – Kate Thoreson of May-Port CG and Teagan Lende of Shanley, Quarter Finalists– Jon Lipp of Shanley, Nicholas Traynor of Shanley, Maneesh Apte of Fargo South, and Jonathan Wanner of Mandan.

Division II Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 1st place– Zachary Lipp of Shanley, 2nd place – Siri Johnson of Fargo South, Semi Finalists – Jake Steding of Grand Forks Central and Catherine Cho of Fargo South, Quarter Finalists– Stacey Sayler of Fargo North, Cristina Lawrence of Shanley, Chase Johnson of Shanley, and James Maertens of Shanley.

Division III Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 1st place – David Evers of Wahpeton, 2nd place – Steven Emmons of Grand Forks Central, Semi Finalists – Luke Hauge of Fargo North and Rose Picklo of Grand Forks Central, Quarter Finalists– Nickole Hansen of Central Cass, William Woodworth of Bismarck High, Cara Hurdelbrink of Mandan, and Kati Krchnavy of Fargo North.

Division I Public Forum Debate – 1st place – John Mitzel and Matthew Budke of Fargo South, 2nd place – Jennifer Vetter and Max Tolstedt of Shanley, Semi Finalists – Garret Zastoupil and Beth Osman of Fargo South , Quarter Finalists– Maddie Hyde and Patrick Lin of Fargo South, Katerina Nyberg and Chad Brinkman of Mandan, Jacob Thrailkill and Austin Olson of Minot, and Jared Gilmour and Aurora Obembe of Fargo North.

Division II Public Forum Debate – 1st place – Kelsie Elier and Kaitlin Ford of Fargo South, 2nd place – Joe Kalka and Chris Liepold of Grand Forks Central, Semi Finalists – Taylor Gess and Amy Yu of Fargo South and Jasmine Eppelsheimer and Sara Norden of Grand Forks Central , Quarter Finalists– Lukas Kinneberg and Isaac Myhre of Richland, Brandon Dietz and Cullen Ross of Shanley, Thomas Vander Wal and Reid Jungling of Mandan, and Andrea Richmond and Christina Smith of Shanley.


Division III Public Forum Debate – 1st place – Katherine McNamara and Samantha Praus of Grand Forks Central, 2nd place – Gautam Satischandran and Jessica Pflugrath of Fargo South , Semi Finalists – Marcus Osman and Sidd Gupta of Fargo South and Tom Startz and Katelyn Osland of Shanley , Quarter Finalists– Danniel Wassim and Anne Sandstrom of Bismarck Century, Mitch Hersch and Tabitha Reule of Mandan, Sebastian Startz and Rachel Ward of Shanley, and Hannah Fishbeck and Barbara Senger of Mandan.

Schools participating were Bismarck High, Bismarck Century, Central Cass, Fargo North, Fargo Shanley, Fargo South, Grand Forks Central, Grand Forks Red River, Mandan, May-Port CG, Minot, Richland, and Wahpeton.

Cass County 4-H Speech and Demonstration contest winners announced

Listed below are winners of the annual Cass County 4-H Communication Arts and Expo Contest recently held at the Horace (N.D.) Elementary School:



Interpretive Reading/Humorous
Anna Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars
Mikayla Dodge, Davenport, Sandburrs
Zoe Alvarez, Kindred, Sandburrs
Rachel Erickson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids

Interpretive Reading/Serious
Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars
Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters

Public Speaking
Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars
Arianna Alvarez, Kindred, Sandburrs

Dramatic Presentation/Individual
Bryce Langerud, Harwood, Triple “C”

Dramatic Presentation/Team
Erica Weinmann & Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters

Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars & Talia Dalzell, Horace, Horace Stars

Chloe Horton, Fargo, The Uniters & Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters
Rebekah Koch, Fargo, The Uniters & Erica Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters

Short Takes
Bailey Schock, Kindred, Kindred 4-H Friends


Interpretive Reading/Serious
Harshita Gaba, Fargo, Rainbow Kids

Interpretive Reading/Humorous
Naomi Danielson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids
Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, Golden Clovers

Short Takes
Sarah Dodge, Davenport, Sandburrs

Front Row (L to R) – Rebekah Koch, Erica Weinmann, Anna Stoppleworth
Row 2 (L to R) – Zoe Alvarez, Kathryn Weinmann, Chloe Horton, Mikayla Dodge, Bailey Schock, Talia Dalzell, Rachel Erickson
Back Row ( L to R) – Bryce Langerud, Arianna Alvarez, Naomi Danielson, Sarah dodge, Harshita Gaba, Kaleen Krueger, Ashley Stoppleworth


Sheyenne Frietag, Walcott, Kindred 4-H Friends
Isabetta Herrera Grant, West Fargo, Harwood Helpers
Violet Tegtmeier, Grandin, Greenfields
Emily Erickson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids

Illustrated Talk/Individual
Adin Enockson, Fargo, Fargo Fun
Presentation Software/Individual
Kenyon Koch, Fargo, Rainbow Kids


Jenni Moore, Arthur, Greenfields

Presentation Software/Individual
Michaela Liebl, West Fargo, Triple “C”

Front (L to R) – Violet Tegtmeier, Isabetta Herrera Grant
Back (L to R) – Kenyon Koch, Emily Erickson, Sheyenne Freitag, Adin Enockson



Theresa Klinnert, Kindred, Kindred 4-H Friends
Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars
Vivielle Herrera Grant, West Fargo, Harwood Helpers


Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, Golden Clovers
Karley Schaefer, West Fargo, Triple “C”
Austin Rust, Harwood, Golden Clovers

Front (L to R) – Vivielle Herrera Grant, Theresa Klinnert
Back (L to R) – Kaleen Krueger, Austin Rust, Ashley Stoppleworth

Speech and demonstration contest winners will now compete at the District 4-H Communication Arts Contest in June.  Expo winners will advance to the State 4-H Expo Contest to be held at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot in July.

NDSU releases fall grad lists


 The following North Dakota and Minnesota students graduated this fall from North Dakota State University (* denotes with honors):

Alfred, N.D. Timothy Lee Metz BUS University Studies
Almont, N.D. Zachary Doll BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Amidon, N.D. Louise Marie Lorge MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Argusville, N.D. Laura Ann Egeberg BS Psychology
Emily Mae Hagemeister MS Anthropology
Arvilla, N.D. Bradly Raymond Berthold BS Animal Sciences
Ayr, N.D. Rebekah Ann Hovland BS Psychology
Baldwin, N.D. Christopher John Olson BS Natural Resources Mgmt.
Barney, N.D. Steven Harold-David Wahler BSCE Civil Engineering
Belcourt, N.D. Andrea E. Laverdure PHD Human Development
Ann Marie Vallie BSEE Electrical Engineering
Beulah, N.D. Drew Michael Flaagan BS Finance
Dustin D. Huber BUS University Studies
Brock Jay Seibel BS Marketing
Jared Archie Wagner BSEE Electrical Engineering
Bisbee, N.D. *Andee Mae Mattson BMUS Music
Bismarck, N.D. Benjamin J. Ahneman BUS University Studies
Paula J. Comeau MA English
Ryan Douglas Doerr BS Business Administration
Tyler Erickson BSCONSM Construction Management
Jared Ben Feist BSME Mechanical Engineering
*David Michael Forster BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Aaron M. Frenette BS Microbiology
*Elizabeth P. Gilbertson BS Psychology
Bradley A. Halverson BUS University Studies
*Jamie L. Hegland BSEE Electrical Engineering
*Sarah Elizabeth Iverson BS Biological Sciences
James Jean Leingang BSEE Electrical Engineering
Kelsey J. Leingang BS Psychology
James Patrick Maddock BSEE Electrical Engineering Brett A. Makedonski BS Business Administration
Miranda Kay Mauch BS Veterinary Technology
Adam M. Miller MS Natural Resources Mgmt.
*Dirk Monson BS Business Administration
Meghanne Rose Naylor BA Art
Mitchell Nielsen BS Business Administration
Tanner Wade O’Clair BA English
Jennifer Raveling BS History
*Kody Michael Scharosch BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Jay Michael Schulte BSEE Electrical Engineering
Courtney J. Smith PHARMD Pharmacy
Michael Christopher Sorenson BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Katie Stromstad BS Apparel and Textiles
Derek Stuhlmiller BS Management
Candace Telehey BS Criminal Justice
John Ryan Thorson BUS University Studies
Amber Marie Trauman BA Art
David Erik Vedvick BSCPRE Computer Engineering
*Jessica Marie Wachter BS Art
*Erica Ann Waller BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Blanchard, N.D. Jeffrey Alan Kyllo BS Business Administration
Bottineau, N.D. Brenna Louise Bertsch BS Accounting
Nicholas Michael Bullinger BSEE Electrical Engineering
*Maria Beatrice Krogen BS Psychology
Cando, N.D. *Carl A. Anfinson BS Agricultural Economics
Lacie Lauraine Fogelson BS Apparel and Textiles
Carrington, N.D. Jon Kurt Gussiaas BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary Robert Harrington BS Journ. Bdcst. and Mass Comm.
Jerad M. Voglewede MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Casselton, N.D. Kevin Michael Stutzman BSME Mechanical Engineering
Cavalier, N.D. Alisha Jean Sagert BS Business Administration
Cayuga, N.D. Deven B. Wegener BS English
Christine, N.D. *Jarrett Clarence Robertsdahl BSCONSM Construction Management
Cogswell, N.D. Kyle Matthew Delahoyde BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Jason Michael Hayen BSEE Electrical Engineering
Courtenay, N.D. *Danielle J. Schoeler BS Health Education
Crosby, N.D. Levi Joseph Garbel BS Animal Sciences
Crystal, N.D. Christopher Lee Augustin MS Natural Resources Mgmt.
Deering, N.D. Justin Jacob Andrist MBA Business Administration
Des Lacs, N.D. Chad Francis Rubbelke BS General Agriculture
Devils Lake, N.D. *Leslie Elizabeth LaFleur BS Art
Evan Reed Schoenfish BS General Agriculture
Sarah Kathryn Settel BSN Nursing
Justin Thomas BS Management
Dickinson, N.D. Brandon James Messer BS Business Administration
Carrie Reindel BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Kathryn Ann Summerfield MBA Business Administration
Sara F. Wenko BS Sociology
Donnybrook, N.D. *Nathaniel Lee Nelson BS Accounting
Christopher J. Rockeman BS Animal Sciences
Douglas, N.D. Bradley Paul Delzer BFA Theatre Arts
Drake, N.D. Aaron Daniel Ludwig BSEE Electrical Engineering
Driscoll, N.D. Garrett Kropp BSEE Electrical Engineering
Edgeley, N.D. Lance D. Edwards BS Management Communication
Derrick Scott Hollingsworth BS Management
Ellendale, N.D. Amy J. Hardy MS Civil Engineering
Michael John Kaiser BS Biological Sciences Education
Kindra Kay Mahler BS Business Administration
Enderlin, N.D. Martha L. Bartels BS English
Fargo, N.D. Heather Dianne Achtenberg-Heck MS Criminal Justice Administration
Sana D. Alsughayyer MEDUCAT Education
Delveen H. Amedi PHARMD Pharmacy
Brandon R. Aune BSME Mechanical Engineering
Brandon R. Aune BA Music
Chelsea Dawn Barnette BS Accounting
Elysia Marie Bates BS Psychology
Vanessa J. Baumler BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Erika Lynne Beseler Thompson MS Educational Leadership
Anirudh Bhargava BS Computer Science
Holly Jean Bodensteiner BS Criminal Justice
*Sharon J. Brozo BS Geology
Camie Carie Jo Burgad BS Apparel and Textiles
*Christian James Bye BS Finance
Lindsay Danae Carey BS Marketing
Brock A. Carlson BS Social Science Education
David Chaganava MA Mass Communication
Richa Chaturvedi BS Computer Science
Emily Rose Coler Hanson MS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Jon Curtis Danuser BS History
Pranav Dass MS Computer Science
Samali Datta PHD Coatings and Polymeric Mat.
David Henry Decock BS Economics
Norma J. Dockter BSN Nursing
Warren T. Eagan BUS University Studies
Jacob Matthew Ell BS Horticulture
Mark W. Emery BSME Mechanical Engineering
Melissa Evensen MS History
Greta Dahlen Evenson MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Rebecca Marie Fletcher BS Apparel and Textiles
Daniel James Flynn BS Economics
Carlie Layne Froemke MS Health, Nut. and Exercise Sci.
Michael Anthony Fuqua MS Mechanical Engineering
*Kari Leanne Furness BS Veterinary Technology
Tana Marie Geffre BS Business Administration
Grant Michael Gigstad MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Courtney Ann Hawbaker BS Agricultural Economics
Greg William Hebert BS Business Administration
*Frank A. Heley BS Criminal Justice
Kristen Marie Hetland PHD Human Development
Adam John Hilzendager BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Alexander Horab BS Public Rel. and Advertising
Matthew Howe MS Health, Nut. and Exercise Sci.
Anna Ivashchenko MS Natural Resources Mgmt.
Joshua John Jangula BS Economics
Kai Justus Johnson BSEE Electrical Engineering
Korey Kautzman BSEE Electrical Engineering
Jill Ann Keller MBA Business Administration
*Jordan Patrick Kelly BACC Accountancy
*Levi Bradley Kingery BSME Mechanical Engineering
Manfred Lee Knapp BA Anthropology
*Jacob Clifford Knodel BS English Education
Leslie Ann Koltes DNP Advanced Nursing Practice
Jacob Ryan Krieg BS Business Administration
Alexander John Kugel PHD Coatings and Polymeric Mat.
Andrea Marie Lang MS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Todd Alan Lemke BS Computer Science
Joshua Ryne Levee BS Microbiology
Stephen Loguya Lisok BSCE Civil Engineering
Tyson S. Lund BS Accounting
Kish Mackin Hilmert BS Veterinary Technology
Dylan Bewar Maii BS Business Administration
Aakash Malik BSEE Electrical Engineering
*David Daniel Mayer BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Ryan Paul McAllen BACC Accountancy
Derek Charles Miller MBA Business Administration
Jason David Moszer BS Criminal Justice
Diomo Motuba PHD Transportation and Logistics
Shawn Patrick Muehler BS Exercise Science
*Kristin Marie Mund BS Dietetics
Philip Dale Mutchler BS Criminal Justice
*Joshua David Nelson BS Mathematics
Joshua M. Nelson BS Journ., Bdcst. and Mass Comm.
Jon Patrick Nietfeld MS Chemistry
Jessica G. Olson DNP Advanced Nursing Practice
*Katie Marie Olson BA Spanish
Nathan John Olson BS Business Administration
Christine Ann Ouellette BS Psychology
Mallari Kay Page BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Amanda Lynn Peterson BS History
*Jared Mayer Peterson BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Erin Maureen Phelps BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
*Christopher Pirkl BFA Theatre Arts
Xiaoning Qi PHD Coatings and Polymeric Mat.
R.K. Sisika Priyani Nelum MS Biology
Rani Laurel Reznor BS Veterinary Technology
Huma Rizvi MS Software Engineering
Jessie L. Rock MS Envir.and Conservation Sci.
*Garrett M. Schank BS Finance
*Alissa Rose Schell BS Spanish
Zach C. Smith BS Journ., Bdcst. and Mass Comm.
Hannah Susanne Sorensen BS Marketing
Kristina Marcellyn Staloch BS Management
Tanner Royal Sundet BS Criminal Justice
*Chelsey Nichole Swanson BACC Accountancy
Wei Tang MBA Business Administration
Kayme Joy Teal BS Apparel and Textiles
*Lucas Garth Teske BS Zoology
Natalie Lynn Vetter BS Apparel and Textiles
Todd R. Volk BS Emergency Management
Heather Kay Wadeson MS Psychology
Brian Edward Wentland BSEE Electrical Engineering
Kayla Ann Wertman BS Business Administration
*Cory Wheeler BS Accounting
*Molly Ann Wobbema BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Tara Kathleen Woodbury BS Apparel and Textiles
Christopher R. Yost BSEE Electrical Engineering
Joshua James Zikmund BS Finance
Fessenden, N.D. *William Davis BS Philosophy/Humanities
Finley, N.D. *Patrick Gerald Strand BS History
Flasher, N.D. Joseph Henry Stegmiller BS Zoology
Gackle, N.D. Kevin Fries BS Accounting
Grafton, N.D. Lori Ann Campbell MS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Grand Forks, N.D. Nora Narloch BS Family and Consumer Sci. Edu.
Kate Ann Overmoe MS Envir. and Conservation Sci.
Craig Allen Walter BS Sport and Recreation Studies
Maurice James Weber BS Emergency Management
Daniel Dale Zakopyko BS Criminal Justice
Gwinner, N.D. *Nicole Ann Domine BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Trever Herman Hansen BSCONSM Construction Management
Harvey, N.D. Kevin Duane Wangen BS Finance
Harwood, N.D. Brady Alan Brodsho BSEE Electrical Engineering
Hazen, N.D. Austin Mathew Clarys BSCE Civil Engineering
Kasondra L. Klein BS Animal Sciences
Timothy R. Maas BS Computer Science
Hope, N.D. Brandon Martin Krueger BS Criminal Justice
Horace, N.D. Lacey S. Benson BS Psychology
Kathryn M. Borkowski BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Mathew Hermanson BS Business Administration
*Jessica Frances Mammenga BS English
Janna Leigh Ness BS Public Rel. and Advertising
*Danika Rae Owen BS Business Administration
Hunter, N.D. Brandon William Murch BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Jamestown, N.D. Vijay Muralidaran MS Manufacturing Engineering
Timothy Magnus Olson BA Philosophy/Humanities
Corey M. Schuh BS Finance
*Eric Paul Sinner BS Mathematics
Jud, N.D. Lindsey R. Brandenburg BS Zoology
Justin A. Huber BS Criminal Justice
Kenmare, N.D. Terry L. Evers DNP Advanced Nursing Practice
Kensal, N.D. Sarah Jo Liudahl BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Killdeer, N.D. Erika Leigh Hedger BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Kindred, N.D. Dustin Paul Erickson BS Agricultural Systems Mgmt.
Lakota, N.D. Andrew John Ouradnik BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Langdon, N.D. Melissa Ann Carlson BS General Agriculture
Travis D. Jordan MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Joe Richard Stadler BS Criminal Justice
Lansford, N.D. *Wyatt Glen Brossart BS Psychology
Larimore, N.D. Benjamin Lee Bernier MARCH Architecture
Leonard, N.D. Brandon R. Jackson BS Agricultural Economics
Lignite, N.D. *Chasity Lynn Johnson BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Linton, N.D. Amber Marie Bernhardt BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Preston M. Leier BS Agricultural Systems Mgmt.
Lisbon, N.D. Jace Daniel Carter BUS University Studies
Nicole Joy Reinke BS Management
Mandan, N.D. Christopher Robin Bohn BS Anthropology
Joshua Michael Friesz BSEE Electrical Engineering
Kelsie Alice Moch BA Spanish
Jay Anthony Mosbrucker MS Mechanical Engineering
Max, N.D. Jacob Krebsbach BS Zoology
Mayville, N.D. Jeremiah Thomas Moen PHD Human Development
Ross Curtis Peterson BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Menoken, N.D. Sara Jane Degner BS Management
Milnor, N.D. Cindy Mae Brown MEDUCAT Educational Leadership Chase Elliott Schutt BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Ransom R. Schutt BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Minot, N.D. Chantal Kayla Barbot BS Microbiology
*Erin Beck BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Kelsey Beth Dodd BA Spanish
Jared Clifford Lervik BSEE Electrical Engineering
Dayton Enok Stewart Norheim BS Business Administration
Janice Doody Oss MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
John Rowe BSEE Electrical Engineering
Celestine Bridget Sautner BS Earth Science Education
Ryan M. Woodfall BS Mgmt. Information Systems
Minto, N.D. Jordan S. Dvorak BS Agricultural Economics
Munich, N.D. Danielle Lyann Beck BS Exercise Science
Kimberly Sue Wirth BS Crop and Weed Sciences
New Rockford, N.D. *Jesse Edward Lesmeister BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Oakes, N.D. *Kristofer Carlson Conklin BSEE Electrical Engineering
Sara Ann Holty BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Oriska, N.D. *Melissa A. Steidl BS Sociology
Page, N.D. Lisa Ann Grindberg BS Horticulture
Park River, N.D. Adam Christopher Chyle BS Crop and Weed Sciences *Kayla Jade Hajicek BS Management
Prairie Rose, N.D. Lise Jensen BS Management
Regan, N.D. *Alison Celley BFA Art
Regent, N.D. Jenna M. Kouba BACC Accountancy
Reynolds, N.D. Justin L. Kuster BS Agricultural Economics
Rugby, N.D. Brandon Paul Anderson BS Psychology
Jessica Lynn Grove BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Jon William Kuehnemund BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Sawyer, N.D. Blake Henke BS Finance
Shawn Thomas Krebsbach BS Business Administration
Stanley, N.D. Riley Dolezal BS Physical Education
Steele, N.D. Sarah Hoffman BS Business Administration
Streeter, N.D. Chris Kappes BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Surrey, N.D. Sheyann Nicole Dunn BSEE Electrical Engineering
Tioga, N.D. Mike P. Burchill BS Natural Resources Mgmt.
Towner, N.D. Jena Lynn Suchor BS Management
Underwood, N.D. Daniel James Driessen MS Educational Leadership
Valley City, N.D. Stephanie Bear BS Apparel and Textiles
Darci Ann Bultema DMA Music
Christa Maasjo BS Agribusiness
Christian P. Owen BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Apryl Dale Schroeder BS Psychology
Stephanie Ann Shea BS Public Rel. and Advertising
Velva, N.D. Cody Allen Kittelson MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
*Laura Marie Odland BA English Education
Wahpeton, N.D. Andy Joseph Bernard BS Business Administration
Stephanie L. Boll BS Business Administration
*Elisabeth Stina Knapp BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
*Chelsey R. Rau BS Management
Washburn, N.D. Andrew Bruce Brown BSEE Electrical Engineering
Scott A. Hummel BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Charles Edward Kaiser BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Joseph Daryl Sheldon BSABENG Ag. and Biosystems Eng.
Webster, N.D. Seana Christine O’Brien BS Accounting
West Fargo, N.D. Joseph Charles Anundson BS Microbiology
Robert Bruce Brand BS Management
Carol Cwiak PHD Emergency Management
Casandra Lyn Ellingson BS Marketing
Bryan Elstad BS Criminal Justice
Brittany B. Groshong BS Criminal Justice
Joshua Mark Hagen BS Accounting
Stephanie Joye Hall BS Animal Sciences
Angela Ann Jasken BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Rima M. Khaireddein BS Business Administration
Danielle Paige Knoll BS Business Administration
*Amoussa Koriko BA Theatre Arts
Denise Ann Lewis BS Criminal Justice
Alexa Ann Lundquist BS Political Science
Anita Maria Miles BS Criminal Justice
Kyle Adam Millar BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Stanislas Ogokeh BS Zoology
Derek Olgeirson BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Daniel Prashek BS Criminal Justice
Benjamin Richard Roehl BS Business Administration
Joseph David Sander BS Zoology
Jacob Leo Schoenberg BS Criminal Justice
Taylor Skoog BS Business Administration
Miranda Amber Sorlie BUS University Studies
*Jill M. Spacek BUS University Studies
Matthew Douglas Thompson BS Journ., Bdcst. and Mass Comm.
Derek John Young BS Exercise Science
*Calais Janene Zimney BS Accounting
Wheatland, N.D. Sara Ashton Reiswig BS Equine Studies
Williston, N.D. Darin Kyle Heltemes BS Business Administration
Kaylee Ann Miller BS Zoology
Christopher Samuel Olson BS Physics
Heather Janelle Zerr BSN Nursing
Wilton, N.D. Craig A. Holden BS Economics
*Loren W. Soma BSME Mechanical Engineering
York, N.D. Travis John Kirkeide BS General Agriculture

Albertville, Minn. Brandon Lee Scherber BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Aldrich, Minn. *Isaac Shatto Kelsey BS Zoology
Alexandria, Minn. Darrin Hook BS Exercise Science
Andover, Minn. Emily Marie Caruso BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Amanda M. Westphal BS Business Administration
Brian W. Wieber BS Zoology
Angus, Minn. Lisa Pribula MS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Arden Hills, Minn. *Kristin Johnson BS Apparel and Textiles
Argyle, Minn. *Alison Marjorie Borowicz BS Apparel and Textiles
Jennifer Lynn Borowicz BS Management
Katie Lynn McFarland BS Management
Kent Bruce Rivard BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Brandon Cole Setterholm BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Austin, Minn. Joshua Alan Morehouse BS Accounting
Badger, Minn. Zachary Svir BS Economics
Barnesville, Minn. Sierra Lien BS Exercise Science
Trina D. Spaeth MS Educational Leadership
Baxter, Minn. Benjamin Charles Beyer BSCONSM Construction Management
Belgrade, Minn. Shane Dennis Braegelman BS Zoology
Bemidji, Minn. Brent Dellapaolera BS Business Administration
*Jennifer Elizabeth Johnson BS Apparel and Textiles
Michael Galen Johnson BSME Mechanical Engineering
Michael Paul Lovering BSEE Electrical Engineering
Nathan Sele BSME Mechanical Engineering
Big Lake, Minn. Fernando Pavel Bales BS Environmental Design
Ashley Bradow BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
*Melissa Marie Delisle BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Bird Island, Minn. Skye Marie Dahl BACC Accountancy
Ryan Joseph Stadther BS Marketing
Blaine, Minn. Daniel Q. Gustafson BS Speech Communication
Bloomington, Minn. *Amy Rose Bellefeuille BS Public History
*Michael L. Olson BS Mgmt. Information Systems
Emily C. Thompson BSCONSM Construction Management
Blue Earth, Minn. Elizabeth Marie Mathews BUS University Studies
Brandon, Minn. Amanda Jayne Baldwin BACC Accountancy
Breckenridge, Minn. Dustin Lee Moore BS Agricultural Economics
Derrick Adam Wolter BSABENG Ag. and Biosystems Eng.
Brooklyn Center, Minn. Anna L. Nystrom BS Biological Sciences Education
Brooten, Minn. Steven Michael Hurst BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Buffalo, Minn. Patrick B. Larson BS Marketing
Kelli A. McCourt BS Public Rel. and Advertising
Burnsville, Minn. Jennifer L. Johnson BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Daniel Frederick Wittnebel BSCONSM Construction Management
Canby, Minn. Andrew Jason Nefstead BSCONSM Construction Management
Chanhassen, Minn. Gregory Andrew Feltman BS Management
Clitherall, Minn. Elizabeth Jean Reger BS Anthropology
Cokato, Minn. David Wolter Mills PHD History
Columbia Heights, Minn. Brianna Joy Borchert BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Coon Rapids, Minn. Thomas James Dunkley BS Criminal Justice
Justin Aaron Jawish BS Business Administration
Christopher Frank Ryan BSCONSM Construction Management
Adam R. Wolfe BS Chemistry
Cottage Grove, Minn. Grant Christian BS Marketing
Crookston, Minn. Nicholas C. Noah BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Delano, Minn. Christopher John Bingea BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Tanner John Motzko BSCONSM Construction Management
Jenna Marie Wurzer BSME Mechanical Engineering
Detroit Lakes, Minn. *Patricia Marie Romaine BS Family and Consumer Sci. Ed.
Duluth, Minn. Karin Esther Kram BS Horticulture
Jennifer Reierson PHD Communication
East Grand Forks, Minn. Joshua Kaiser BS Management
Eagan, Minn. Russell Blake Anderson BUS University Studies
*Sara Louise Grosser BS Zoology
Joseph Daniel Lind MS Health, Nut. and Exercise Sci.
Eden Prairie, Minn. Michael George Herman BS Marketing
*David J. Weum BSCE Civil Engineering
Eden Valley, Minn. Kyle Dennis Rausch BUS University Studies
Elk River, Minn. Benjamin Paul Lofgren BSEE Electrical Engineering
Evansville, Minn. Kevin Raymond Bruns BSEE Electrical Engineering
Eyota, Minn. Dustin Donald Mueller BSEE Electrical Engineering
Fairbault, Minn. Christopher Andrew Opland BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Farmington, Minn. Kathleen C. Brennan BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Matthew R. Greenslit BSCE Civil Engineering
Peter Anthony Gregory BS Accounting
Felton, Minn. Micah Barrett Hilde BSCE Civil Engineering
Kay Hogetvedt MBA Business Administration
Fergus Falls, Minn. Amanda Lyn Bopp BMUS Music
*Emily Fritzell Enderson BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Michael J. Gilbert Schwarz BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Stefanie Ann Welle BS Child Dev. and Family Sci. *Patricia L. Winters BS Psychology
Fisher, Minn. Darren Lee Hollands BS Business Administration
Fosston, Minn. David Johnson BSCONSM Construction Management
Frazee, Minn. Adam J. Aho BS Health Education
Frazee cont. Kelsey Ann Watson BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Fridley, Minn. Adam Joseph McGuire BS Art
John R. Neeb BS Business Administration
Fulda, Minn. Kimberly Joy Sandhurst BS Apparel and Textiles
Georgetown, Minn. Brian Robert Ziegler BS Economics
Glencoe, Minn. Brett T. Barry MARCH Architecture
Anthony Daniel Noga BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Glenwood, Minn. David Craig DeJong BS Mgmt. Information Systems
Whitney Lynn Wedum BS Business Administration
Glyndon, Minn. David R. Kuhry BS Mgmt. Information Systems
Good Thunder, Minn. *Jessica Rose Fitzsimmons BS Public Rel. and Advertising
Grand Rapids, Minn. Bonnie Lynn McGuire DNP Advanced Nursing Practice
Greenbush, Minn. Dayne Bradley Efta BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Grey Eagle, Minn. *Krista Marie Zierden BA Health Communication
Hallock, Minn. Kelley Marie Eukel BS Public Rel. and Advertising
Halstad, Minn. Cristina Anne Aarestad BS Psychology
Hamel, Minn. John Ross Olson BSCONSM Construction Management
Hancock, Minn. Jacob D. Miller BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Harris, Minn. Shanell Rae Ruter BS Sociology
Hastings, Minn. Christopher J. Pierson BSEE Electrical Engineering
Hawley, Minn. Karen M. Blake BSN Nursing
Hector, Minn. Kyle Steven Bruns BSCONSM Construction Management
Hendrum, Minn. Chelsey Nicole Torgerson BS Sociology
Hewitt, Minn. Jonathan William Decker BSCONSM Construction Management
Hibbing, Minn. Christina A. Schwartz BS Biological Sciences
Holmes City, Minn. Michelle G. Beach PHD Education
Hutchinson, Minn. *Jeremy Douglas BSME Mechanical Engineering
Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Jessica Drutowski BSEE Electrical Engineering
Scott T. Forester BS English
Jasper, Minn. *Charlene Ann Sabin BA Biological Sciences Education
Kerkhoven, Minn. Kimberly J. Stassen BS Agribusiness
Lakeville, Minn. Joshua Adamek BSEE Electrical Engineering
Litchfield, Minn. Breanne Marie Royer BS Psychology
Long Prairie, Minn. Katie Lea Fearing BS Veterinary Technology
Mankato, Minn. Ted Feit BS Geology
Kimberly Westendorf BS Chemistry Education
Maple Grove, Minn. Christina Brandt BS Apparel and Textiles
Anthony Yom Demarais BS Emergency Management
Heidi Hendricks BS Management
Drew L. Kasson BS Business Administration
Christopher W. Kentzelman BSCONSM Construction Management
Jenna Scott BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Marshall, Minn. *Amie Lynn Karjala BS Accounting
Tyler John Stiefel BS Management
Merrifield, Minn. Michael Joseph Germain BS Criminal Justice
Minneapolis, Minn. Jesse Howard Gregory BS Music
Minneota, Minn. Carrie Marie Downing MARCH Architecture
Minnetonka, Minn. Amanda Bissonnette BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Akiko Nakamura MS Envir. and Conservation Sci.
Montevideo, Minn. Ryan Eric Sandven BS Political Science
Monticello, Minn. *Shane Ewert BS Computer Science
Julie Irene Zaruba MS Health, Nut. and Exercise Sci.
Moorhead, Minn. *Nezir K. Ahmed BS Criminal Justice
Selam Kamel Ahmed BS Physical Education
Kelsey R. Bakko BS Marketing
Christine Lyn Biwer BSN Nursing
Barbara Chromy PHD Human Development
Ryan Epema BS Finance
Holly Jean Fiechtner MEDUCAT Education
*Kate Alexandra Gaponenko BSN Nursing
*Kelley Nell Grogan BS Exercise Science
Paul J. Karels BS Computer Science
Bradley John Miller MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
*Nathan Wayne Miller BSME Mechanical Engineering
Jenna Amy Mjolsness BS Apparel and Textiles
Oksana Myronovych PHD Software Engineering
Don Pandukabaya Nagahawatte MS Software Engineering
Samantha Suzanne Schultz BS English
*Brian William Schwandt BSEE Electrical Engineering
Michael A. Siggerud PHD Education
Ryan James Wheeler BS Management
Jenna Marie Woodstrom BS Marketing
Morris, Minn. Tyler Ryan Hein BSME Mechanical Engineering
Motley, Minn. *Adam David Barnett BS Environmental Design
Nashwauk, Minn. Breanna June Siegler BS Biological Sciences Education
New Ulm, Minn. Caitlin C. Fox BA English
New York Mills, Minn. Katie Sue Welter BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Oak Grove, Minn. Robert Berg BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Peter Lloyd Nelson BSIEMGT Industrial Eng. and Mgmt.
Olivia, Minn. Matthew Michael McRell BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Ortonville, Minn. Kandra Beth Murray BUS University Studies
Osage, Minn. Amy Lynn Jacobson Reisenauer BS Women’s Studies
Osakis, Minn. David J. Gibbons BSCONSM Construction Management
Jamie Nicholas Hiltner BS Public History
Ottertail, Minn. *Craig Dean Hawes BS Economics
*Craig Dean Hawes BSME Mechanical Engineering
Outing, Minn. *Matthew Lee Olson BSME Mechanical Engineering
Owatonna, Minn. Mathew Alan Joachim BS Finance
Park Rapids, Minn. *Caitlyn Ruth Aho BS Microbiology
Jamie Sheeran BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Heidi Karyn Zoller BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt.
Pelican Rapids, Minn. Jessica Lynn Klein BS Child Dev. and Family Sci. *Peder Lindberg BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Daniel Lysaker BSEE Electrical Engineering
Samantha Jayne Milbeck BS Accounting
Pequot Lakes, Minn. Ryan Jay Koslofsky BS Microbiology
Perham, Minn. Steven Scott Branby BS Criminal Justice
Martin James Hanson MS Mechanical Engineering
Kurt D. Rudolph BS Biotechnology
Joseph Jonathan Schornack BS Finance
Pierz, Minn. Jason David Folger BSCONSM Construction Management
Pine City, Minn. Christopher James Teeman BS Exercise Science
Pipestone, Minn. Isaac Thomas Snell BS Physical Education
Plymouth, Minn. Peter R. DeMuth BSCE Civil Engineering
Princeton, Minn. Jessica Beth Byker BSN Nursing
Prior Lake, Minn. Brett Kristan Swymeler BSCONSM Construction Management
*Zane Russel Ward BSME Mechanical Engineering
Redwood Falls, Minn. Sarah Lynn Gegner MS Soil Science
Robbinsdale, Minn. Charles S. Johanneck BA Computer Science
Rochester, Minn. *Ryan Michael Claeys BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Alison Nicole Ganyo BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Trisha A. Grant MARCH Architecture
Aaron Jacob Grimm BS Business Administration
Megan Lynne Holm BSCE Civil Engineering
Alexander David Turner BSCONSM Construction Management
*Jeffrey Steven Van Oort BMUS Music
*Sara Virginia Wyman BS Psychology
Roseau, Minn. Katie J. Anderson BS Apparel and Textiles
Rosemount, Minn. Kyle Bangerter BSME Mechanical Engineering
Roseville, Minn. Hannah M. Flagstad BS Management
Sacred Heart, Minn. Adam John Duhoux BS Business Administration
Sauk Centre, Minn. Dirk Lee Henry BS Management
*Landon R. Leischner BS Mgmt. Information Systems
Sauk Rapids, Minn. Michael Robert DeAustin BSCE Civil Engineering
Savage, Minn. Nicholas Carl Stocker BS Zoology
Shakopee, Minn. *Jack Vincent Anderson BSEE Electrical Engineering
Shoreview, Minn. Jason A. Riopel MS Natural Resources Mgmt.
South St. Paul, Minn. Dustin Joseph Forester BSCE Civil Engineering
Spicer, Minn. Mark Roebke BS Psychology
St. Cloud, Minn. Benjamin Peter Fredrickson BSCE Civil Engineering
Nathan A. Host BSCONSM Construction Management
Tana Marie Vandegrift BS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt. Cheryl Marie Troxel MS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
St. Paul, Minn. Ruth Marie Gruber BS Horticulture
*Dustin James Jensen BS Business Administration
Heather Lynn Matthees MS Soil Science
Staples, Minn. Tracey Jaqueline Dullinger BA English Education
Starbuck, Minn. Justin J. Holten BS Business Administration
Stephen, Minn. Tina Marie Lundeen DNP Advanced Nursing Practice
Stewartville, Minn. Vanessa Ann Eckhoff BS Zoology
Gavin Labren Hofer BS Child Dev. and Family Sci.
Robert Wohlhuter BS Sports and Urban Turf. Mgmt.
Thief River Falls, Minn. Kyla Genereux BS Radiologic Sciences
Micah Bruce Johnson BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Matthew Thomas Wold BSABENG Ag. and Biosystems Eng.
Tracy, Minn. *Lynn Marie Brockway BS Equine Studies
Twin Valley, Minn. Jon Phillip Garberg BS Management
Henry Russell Ruud BS Physical Education
Underwood, Minn. Eric Jay Stroh BS Zoology
Vergas, Minn. Eric Michael Saari MM Music
Wadena, Minn. *Jennifer A. Kraemer BS Business Administration
Travis J. Pettit BS Business Administration
Darcy Jean Uselman BS Psychology
Walker, Minn. Andy Bakker BS Business Administration
Wanamingo, Minn. *Kurt Carlstrom BS Business Administration
Warren, Minn. *Chad Michael Larson BS Finance
Watertown, Minn. Andrew James McKenzie BSME Mechanical Engineering
White Bear Lake, Minn. David Anthony Swafford BSCONSM Construction Management
Willmar, Minn. Jessica M. Rice BS Veterinary Technology